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SOLD - 1954 Fender Deluxe 5C3


I'm selling my 1954 Fender Deluxe 5C3 for $2,195. The prices I have seen on Ebay and Reverb are all over the board - $1,600-3,800 depending on condition (and how delusional a seller is). There's more on my Reverb listing.

The serial number is 2313 DF which according to online documentation means it was made in June of 1954. It has the original Jensen Alnico 5 Concert Speaker.

I bought it 15 years ago and had it serviced at Slemmons Music Services in Dallas that same year. They said the amp was in very good condition (speaker, electronics, etc) and that the capacitors even looked great and showed no sign of leakage or needing to be replaced. I had them install a modern grounded power cable (the one on the amp at that time was not original), and to add new tubes (only one is original)- the current tube configuration is Philips 5Y3, a pair of 6V6Rs (Groove Tube) and a pair of 12AX7Ms (Groove Tubes).

Terence at Slemmons said the speaker and cone were in great shape (mechanical and operational) and other than new tubes, a grounded power cable and cleaning the amp didn't need anything. Oh and I replaced the leather handle with a new made in USA Amish one that everyone raves about, and rightfully so. They make fantastic handles.

The tweed covering is discolored, stained in spots, shows much wear but all of it except one corner is still attached. I'm going to let the new owner glue that down, it should be done by someone who knows how or done professionally.

The amp shows its age, there are screw heads that show slight patina, the controls plate could use a good polishing (if you want a newer look), the speaker metal shows scratches and patina in spots, the tweed covering shows stains and wear. This is a 63 year old amp and it shows. It is not visually mint nor museum quality but the tone is amazing and it's solid and in good condition.

I just posted about it on one of my websites to sort of document it before it goes. You can read more about this Fender Deluxe 5C3 here.

I'm selling it for $2,195 plus $100 shipping + actual insurance. It will be professionally packed. Any questions you can contact me here or better text call me at 214 718 2271
Trying to upload more photos is a nightmare, I put them all on dropbox and you should be able to click that link and see all of them. I'll try to add them here again later when I have time

Cheers! - Chris


I'm not going to flood this listing with images, I can't figure out how to include multiple pictures in one post. Hopefully this dropbox link works. And here's a photo of the insides.

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