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Where’s all the Southpaws?


Well, in the Southpaw world, my wife picked up a 6128T-1957LH at the "Hipster Hangout" at Music 123 last weekend. Then, out of the blue, I found someone local that had a 6120-1959LTHLH for a blowout price. It was still sealed in the box brand new, made in August this year. It took all of 10 seconds to pull the trigger on it, and Hats Off to Mike Lewis and the crew. It's the first new Gretsch offered to lefties with a laquer finish, and it's top shelf in every way. I can't believe the side by side comparison to her 1996 6120LH. The body shape/thickness, trestle bracing, proper binding, proper size "Gretsch" headstock "inlay", proper headstock shape/color, slight V feel to the neck, Switchcraft/CTS components with TV Jones pickups, thinner top (3 ply?), decent open back tuners, much more authentic orange color, and last but not least, the beautiful creme color of real laquer over the binding.

I only wonder if the new Chet pickguards will be available to retrofit it :-)


Hey Jim,

Stop it, please. You are killing me!


I'm out here... way out here. Guitar acquisitions have been somewhere between "on hold" and "out of the question" lately because I've had to buy PA equipment for my band: the member who had the PA was replaced (so now we have a much better bassist/singer!), and, well, if it ain't me what gets it done, it tends not to get done. Every band's got somebody like that, and I happen to be my band's somebody.

Really frustrating, too, because I saw those 6120-59ers on eBay for next to nothing, and couldn't pull the trigger... and there's a 6128-57 on right now, a bit overpriced for the current market, but it wouldn't matter if it was at the MF blowout price. Rats!

Got a decent little PA system going for the band, though. :nice: Need to get us some gigs, now!

I do have one little guitar project in the works -- something Alicia and Frank F. don't have (I don't think)... non-Gretsch, and I've got to wait to see if it works out before I even breathe any specifics.



I had a "standard" pre-FMIC "standard" 6120 for a while, too. It really was a superb guitar for what it was (and they weren't intended to be vintage reissue, that's most certain). I happily and profitably used it with my band.

But truly, the orange was too red, the waist too pinched and the shoulders too squared (and that was just for starters). I was quite pleased to acquire a pre-FMIC 6120-60 (with TV Jones electricals) a couple of years back and send the "standard" 6120 to a new home. Other than that it's a couple of plys heavier than I'd prefer, the 60 is a wonder of an instrument, possibly my best-sounding guitar. It would be nice to A-B it against a 59er, but in our world, that's not so easily accomplished.

Oh, well. I'm just one lottery win away from doing whatever I want in that regard. :nice:



you'll just have to bring it here, some weekend when you're not busy....


Hey, Jim,

Mrs. Flyer and I were just talking about doing a weekend trip to Chi-town sometime in the not-too-distant future. We were hanging out in Cleveland (at the R&RHOF) this past weekend, and grabbing a good (cheap!) SW Airlines fare and hiring a dog sitter worked out really well for us. Thought we might try it with some other cities, so watch out for us!



Lefty Gretsch player checking in after a short absense. This web site is like have an AA meeting in a bar soo00 I try to stay away. I broke down tho and Purchased a 6128-1957 Duo Jet from Joel as Shanghai Music. Great to deal with and an excellent price. I like the fret size on the 1957 so much better them my 6128 EE. Lefty model. :nice:


I'm here.
I've been on quite a spending spree this last year. There was a time I sold my Gretsches off to buy furniture for my new home swearing I'd get my collection back better than ever.

I finally took care of my gas for Gretsches this week by adding a new 6136T White Falcon and a new 6134 White Penguin to my collection. I'm waiting for them to be delivered early next week.

I also have a 6120, a 6128T-57, and a 6128HTEE.


New lefty here.
I guess we are growing bigger and bigger now :twisted:
I have 2 Gretsch and can't wait to finaly get my White Falcon or White Penguin. Another dream guitar? A lefty 18" Blonde Eldorado.


Well, I'm a left, but I play guitar right handed. Go figure :grin:


I'm a lefty, but I play right handed.


Never too late to convert yourself to the "right" side :twisted:


i am a lefty but play right handed like anybody else......... I tried left handed when I was seven.......too late to convert i guess.......


Wow,i dissapear for a few months and couldnt log back in.The site has changed..WTF???....i DONT LIKE THIS...Turn it back to the way it was.I cant afford a gretsch let alone a leftie.Why cant we ask gretsch to start a contest for a guitar amongst us?? Hell i would pay 5$ a month to be entered in a contest for a monthly giveaway.Whadaya think boys?


I'm another lefty who plays right handed. Never even thought about getting a lefty guitar when I bought my first one. Don't get me wrong though, I am proudly left handed and believe we are truly a minority that has been discriminated against. "Left on" my brothers:twisted:


I'm a lefty but play righty also. Just for the record so was Duane Allman. I grew up in a small town that had a music store and no leftys. So, no choice but to join the enemy.


I just signed up again to this site again. I'm not sure what happened to the old login http://www.gretschpages.com/media/img/icons/smilies/icon_eek.gif omg

I'm still here and still a lefty. I recognize a lot of the names still here.


I'm pretty new here and joined to learn more about gretsches. Being a lefthander i ended up buying Lefty's 6128EE which I really dig. I've upgraded all the electonics to tv jones pots/wiring and soon to add some tv jones pickups. I can understand the EE having pretty small frets, I've considered perhaps even refretting to a larger wire. Nonetheless a great player and has that "great gretsch sound".


Hello folks thought I'd chime in 2 years too late for this thread. First off Jim that is a gorgeous guitar! Congrats on that find (again 2 years late). I know since this post you and the Mrs have added quite a few!. I think the beauty of all things Gretsch is their incredible lack of consistency in design thru out the years. I suppose this is/was good and bad. I have a standard" pre-FMIC 6120 and chose It over the "60" because (being the Felix Unger of Rock n Roll") I liked the gold bigsby versus the more period correct aluminum bigsby. Also being a Duane Eddy fan I liked the "redder" orange finish and also the larger headstock akin to the mid 50's versus the later 50's smaller headstock. That being said and being a lefty. Thanks to Gretsch for making all the ones they do make. M


Felix Unger of rock and roll???Damn i love that!!!I'll have to file that in the book of wit!:grin:


Hi! Another Lefty here!

When I was a wee little guy someone stuck a standard ukulele in my hands and started me down the wrong path. But now I wonder: If we play, especially us fingerpickers, with all the fingers and thumbs of both hands; where's the advantage of being left handed and playing a guitar with one set of polar co ordinates over the other?

...thank goodness they don't make left handed motorcycles anymore!

But seriously; what's the advantage of sticking a left handed guitar in the hands of a lefty back on day one, vs a standard righty?

It almost looks to the casual observer that a lefty playing a standard guitar, especially using a standard pick, would be better off with the more complicated fretting maneuvers accomplished by the more dexterous left hand.

I suspect I be may wrong in that assumption, but just curious as to why.

But, wouldn't it be silly if all us Southpaws playing what's mistakenly called a "Right Handed" guitar had the real advantage after all?:omg:

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