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Not much new under the southpaw sun…


The 2009 Gretsch Price Guide shows only one new-to-lefties model, the Jaguar Tan 125th Anniversary that was supposed to be available last July. And with a $4K list price... well, fellows, is that attractive to you?

I was given reason to believe that we lefties would see a Dyna Club and an Electromatic, but they didn't happen (at least not yet). Very few new Gretsch products (regardless of hand orientation) apparently are being introduced at NAMM, and I'm going to take a wild guess that the poor economy is responsible.

All things considered, I'd rather see new lefty models introduced when they have a better chance to succeed.

To borrow a phrase once popular in Brooklyn (when it was the home of the Dodgers and Gretsch): "Wait 'til next year."



You have to go to Japan, they have other models that you can not buy here. I saw them. I guess they make them for there home market.


Hmmm... I'll probably have to wait 'til next year to go to Japan, too.



Well that's to be expected I guess. No prob, I'm having fun with my flipped '29. We'll just have to see what develops. There are still quite a few used lefties floating around. Thanks for the update Paul.


Maybe instead of Japan you can visit Chi-town

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