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Hello, hello again folks.

I went up to Boulder from Denver on a blustery Friday night, had dinner at Rhumba, then walked over to see the New Cars! Woohoo! Here's a quick review.

First, the opening band, Persephone's Bees, was very talented and good looking, and the lead singer was russian or czech or something and played keys and a theramin. The guitar player played a fender jazzmaster, but there was a rack of guitars behind him, including a couple fenders and a couple dual pickup Silvertones. They weren't his- they were Todd's.

After rearranging the set a little bit, the New Cars came on. They must be playing with some tapes as the first noises (the highly flanged/modulated Hello Hello Again intro) weren't being played by anyone as far as I could tell. My friend, my girlfriend, and I got up towards stage right in front of E.E. Unfortunately, the crowd was full of drunken idiots. Ahh Boulder... so much promise, so many trust fund imbeciles.

The New Cars rock. They played about 20 songs-- all of the Cars' hits, a couple 3 from Todd ( open your eyes, I saw the light), and at least one (Not Tonight?) that is a New Cars original.

I didn't see a gretsch the whole night. EE played what looked like custom Gibson SGs with gold hardware, a Vox-looking 12 string on Drive, and a bailalika (sp?) Or perhaps it was a squared off ukelele (sp?) for the first part of 'bang on the drum.' Todd played lots of weird guitars, mostly one that was red and sparkley and began with the letter 'z' but I never got close enough to read the label. Another one was blue and had psychedelic pictures of an eye and some rays and some other decorations.

It sounded great! My fave was 'You're all I've got tonight' that included an extended geetar solo. There were a lot of 4-part harmonies and characteristic Cars keyboard noises.

I can only recommend going to see this band. The tickets were $38.50 but I got to see them in a small theater right up front and it was fantastic.

Take it easy- G

Astrocat said:
Ahh Boulder... so much promise,
so many trust fund imbeciles.

. . . and every one of them knows just how the world should be run. Just ask them, they'll tell you.



Thanks for that. A buddy and I were just discussing that we are definitely griped that we just missed them in Atlanta. I've got their CD and them boys are playin'. (Note: CD must be played loudly)

Elliot is so sharp and such a master, it's incredible. Todd fits the bill.

Get the CD, go to "Bye Bye Love," crank it up as loud as you can stand it, and hang on. You can tell those boys love playing that thing...it kicks like the Anthem it really is. I have always ID'd that song as the definitive Cars trademark.


Bye Bye Love has traditionally been my favorite Cars song. Good pick!

I was regretting not seeing them with Blondie but the auspices were
highly unfavorable at the time.

I also missed Devo to go see 1964: The Tribute at a sold out (or close)
show at Red Rocks. That was a tough call, but I didn't know about Devo
until I had committed. Next time...

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