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My Cars Tribute Moving in Stereo


I’ve been a member on this board for a long time, haven’t posted in a while. I’m the “Ric” in Moving in Stereo from Victoria BC Canada and I thought I would share our promo vid. I would love to hear Elliot’s comments if he is out there.... Link


Yes. Well done. The wigs are goofy, but I get it.


talent, execution, panache..everything is sweeeeeet, but the wigs.


Great job. I've been a fan of The Cars since 1982 and can say you and your mates do an excellent job.


Gotta Love any band that plays CARS tunes. You did good.


Thank you for all your feedback, we really appreciate it. So many great songs and arrangements, we are having a blast. I sure wish E.E. Would chime in and unlock the key to Touch and Go for us though That is probably the hardest song I’ve ever played, hard to make sense of. But when we get it right it’s a real showstopper. We have only played it live a couple of times and we’ve almost got it Link

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