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Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all the Portsiders here. May the new year bring happiness and good fortune to you.
May a lefty white falcon come down my chimney this year!
Merry Christmas fellow lefties. Hope this new year brings plenty of money for more gear. Cheers!!!:nice:
Merry Christmas y'all!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas from this side of the pond. It's 8.40 pm here and I'm just about to go off to stuff the turkey and set the oven timer to come on tomorrow morning. Potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips and bacon rolls all prepared. Looking forward to stuffing myself stupid tomorrow. Hope everyone gets what they realistically want from Santa tomorrow. No White Falcons here I fear but a copy of the Plant/Krauss cd will do nicely. Seasons greetings, Steve.
Is it too late?? :omg: Merry Christmas, folks. And the Plant/Krauss CD was in my stocking!!:nice:
Bump for This Christmas! Hoping the Holidays and New Year are filled with the best for all you Portsiders.
A very Merry Christmas to all! Would the party who so thoughtfully gave me Ursula the Inflatible last year, kindly compliment her with a bicycle pump this year? Thank you, in advance.
Imagine if you will my surprise to click on a Merry Christmas thread and find Zuma wishing us Happy Holidays. I thought for a minute perhaps he and Phil Hartman were onto something...then I noticed the date. Phew. It's still nice to see his legacy around here. And happy ollerdays to all, regardless your orientation!
Merry Christmas Everyone... Except you non GreTscH fans...Ok the non GreTcH fans too, Everyone be well and prosper.
May all your presents be guitars or guitar related goodies! "This season is about the giving, not the wanting!" Happy Holidays!
Happy Rockin' Holidays to all you Gretchies out there!
Hoe, Hoe, Hoe...Merry Christmas!
A Merry Happy to all, if I don't see you again before the 25thussezz. Paul/FF909
Merry Christmas week to all. Hey Bax can you or Mitch give Zuma an avitar please?
This ornament is actually a small angel, and even though I know that our dear Zuma would just barf at the idea, I'd like to think he's hanging around, watching us continue to hash out the daily business here at the GDP. And, of course, Zuma's angel is swingin' from a Star of David. A very wonderful Christmas and Hannukah to all of you, my friends.
Season's Greetings to all. Just about to crawl into bed at 01.30 GMT after stuffing the turkey and setting the oven timer etc. Weird to see my post above last year on the same subject and very spooky to see Zuma up there. Shame he never made it to see the Neil Young Archive set actually released; but then, will any of us? No idea what will be in the stocking this year. Shame that Richard Thompson didn't get his long-awaited songbook out in time for Crimbo. Oh well, there's always next year. NB 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the formation of Wishbone Ash!!! Can Martin Turner and Andy Powell bury the hatchet for long enough to get an original lineup tour together and, if they did, could they persuade Ted Turner and Steve Upton to join in? Probably not, but I live in hope. Toodle pip. Enjoy your turkey (or nut loaf, or whatever). Steve
Merry Xmas/Happy Hanukkah/Chrismukkah/Yule to everyone from the bottom of the planet (Australia). May you all eat and drink way too much than is good for you. Mikey
I ate duck tonight and drank a bottle of Ausse lesse with my wife. Man, that was some good food and drink! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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