TV Jones Classics/ Gretsch 5420 HELP


I recently purchased a pair of tv jones classics for my Gretsch 5420t, but i seem to be having some trouble with them. I'm getting loud overtones and quite a piercing sound, especially from the bridge. I did install them myself, but the guitar was checked over by a professional guitar tech and he seemed to think that the work was fine. I have tried several different amps; Fender Blues Deluxe, Orange AD 30 and a modded Fender Excelsior. I have also tried experimenting with pickup height and, to a lesser degree, pole height. The TV jones pickup height measurements always seem to make the pickup sound best but the overtones are almost unbearable. Is there something i am missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Call TVJones. They have proven over the years to be very helpful with all sorts of questions about their pups.


Thanks for your help!

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