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Lefty Duesenberg


I haven't posted here in a long time. It's nice to see many of the same folks I remember.

While I was "away", I fell in love with Duesenberg guitars. I have two Starplayers, one black, the other creamy pearl, and they have become my gig mainstays. Love the bridge 'bucker, neck P90 combo. The Duesenberg term is the best ever, IMHO. Certainly not inexpensive, but both of mine arrived with impeccable build quality and perfect playability right out of the box. Try one if you can!


Welcome back, FrankF!

I've been keeping the lefty fires from going out around here. This joint's better than ever. You'll have to come down for one of the Roundups -- we'll check out one another's guitars. I've gotten some fabulous and wacky stuff over the past several years.




I guess I really am out of touch. What is the Roundup?



It's a good thing that Proteus is not around just now. He despises Duesenbergs. I had one for a while and LOVED the look and feel of it, but I never could get used to the bridge pickup - it was both too nasty and not loud enough. When I got my 6120, I sold the Duesy.


It is always a matter of personal taste. I do, however, find it hard to imagine what one might "despise" about either of my Dueseys. BTW, in my original post, "term" was supposed to be "trem".



Hey, Frank,

"Roundups" are get-togethers of GDP members. They've been going on for about three years, now. Much music-playing, talking, instrument/equipment showing/checking out, and friend-making. You might want to look at the Meet and Greet section for detailed reportage of individual events.

For many of them, we get FMIC/Gretsch involvement in a major way -- Joe Carducci, Fred Gretsch, and Kim Falcon have attended several, and some serious door-prize giveaways from Gretsch have occurred.

Crowbone is planning one for South Jersey/Philly soon -- there's one every year there. I hosted one in Baltimore last year, and plan to toss another party this year. A fair amount of cross-attending between the two, since we are only 100 miles apart from one another.

The "biggies" are in Nashville (more cross-attending there) and Northern California in the fall. Attendance-wise, they're not necessarily larger, but they are weekend-long getaways.



Proteus hates the misappropriation of the brand name "Deusenberg" -- that's all.



I tried to get you to stop here on your way to the roundup, FF909!

Good to see you checking in Frank!


Hey, Jim,

Things got really difficult at work and home just before the Roundup; I had to pare down my trip significantly. I was not happy about having to do so, let me tell you.

I'm glad Frank's coming around again, too. Can't have too many lefties in camp, you know, and we probably will never have enough!



Aww, gee whiz. Youse guys are so nice to me!

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