Elliot Easton's Tiki Lounge

Kramer EE Pro Tom Anderson


Ohhh that's sweet!


Hmmm, it kind of looks like a Robin. Cool!


Can Eliot confirm it's the real deal?


I was such a big fan of Elliot Easton and his work with The Cars that when he came out with a Kramer sig model I really wanted one. Never got it due to being young and no money but that would have been a sweet one to have. I think Kramer is still in business and altho I don't think they have an EE model any longer there is some model similar to this now.


They were really good guitars. Don't see many of them with maple boards, most of the ones I see for sale are rosewood.


They were a much better guitar than their spandex reputation gives them. I own two still. A Kramer Classic Strat clone, that doesn't hum due to a dummy coil under the guard, and an 85 Nightswan that I recently got back after a re-fret. I'd play a Baretta every day if I could find a really nice one. I have seen the EE in pictures only.

The Kramer name is still alive in two incarnations. Gibson owns the mark now and puts out low end guitars with Kramer's name, and Gary Kramer has his own line of instruments also. Such a sad tale of mismanagement and waste. There are virtually no records or provenance on Kramer Guitars, the records, files, blanks, all ended up in the dumpster at the closing of the shop. The Classic was USA made, the rest are a mishmash USA, import, assembled in the USA, and most all except the very early aluminum models wear a "Made in Neptune NJ" neck plate whether it was or not. It's an interesting history for a short lived mark.

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