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Interesting article on Elliot’s pedal rig in Vintage Guitar


The online version is here.

I'm always interested in the setups used by the pros, and it's particularly nice to hear the "whys" and not just the "whats".

Thank you, Elliot, for taking the time to talk to VG about your rig!


Pretty cool to see MI Audio get a look in there. They make some of my favourite pedals.


That was cool to read. I don't really use pedals except for a tuner and a delay and didn't know about the Polytune pedal.


I'd like to hear more about how Elliot uses the Zen Drive


That Polytune has my interest. Worth checking out. I wonder if it works in very noisy circumstances.


I use a polytune 2 pedal. Mine is just after my Nocturne Brain. It works just dandy and is the fastest stage tuning I've every experienced.

I bought one of the polytune clips, and it's a battery killer! Seriously, I've got a Korg clip-on tuner that I've NEVER changed the battery in since I got it two years ago. The polytune clip killed a battery within 45 days of use.


real pro, but room for some idiosyncrasies on that board…some nocturne, strymon, catalinbread etc etc


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