Miscellaneous Rumbles

It’s been nice. Thanks


Been very nice becoming a member and making friends. Thanks.


Agreed, oh what a feeling.


Dave, if we ever get chance to meet the beers are on me.


The best thing about this place. : )


Well, naturally everyone will meet at the Hoosier Daddy Roundup.


The people on here amaze me. I can't wait for the next reunion, er, roundup.


Dave, everything ok?


You beat me to it, CB. Yes, Dave you're not going anywhere. xx


You're right - good place. I hope all is well.


Been very nice becoming a member and making friends. Thanks.

– munman

Damn dude, I thought this was going to be a forum suicide post (judging from the post title). Thank goodness it was not. Well played


Well, naturally everyone will meet at the Hoosier Daddy Roundup.

– Proteus

Never one to miss an opportunity.


I feel the weight of responsibility.


Dave, if you are not doing well, please reach out to one of us. We are all here for you. That's what the Gretsch family is about.


Somebody please give Dave a call and let us know what's up.


I did yesterday, no response yet. Will of course keep trying.


Hoping you're busy out hunting mushrooms or painting or chasing another hobby.


I spoke to him a few weeks ago and all seemed fine.

Dave please give me a call, the title of your thread dose seem a bit ominous. I hope all is well. After all your one of the best.


Just in case if any of you has his cell number please give him a shout. I know he got a new number awhile ago and I'm no longer sure I have the right number. The number I have ends in 7971. There is no voice mail on that line. Phoned and texted but no response yet.


Same # here. If anyone is near him, I have his address if you want to pay a visit.


I sent him an email asking that he post an update but received a delivery failure. Hopefully he is out doing something fun and is just momentarily off the grid.


I used to do this to my parents.

Disappear for hours after curfew, and when I got home they'd say, glad you're alright, 'cause I'm gonna kill ya now!

Check in, Dave.


I'm hoping Bonedaddy is right, but maybe someone with his address could consider contacting Dave's local police asking for a wellness check. If the concern is wrong, the joke is on us. If the concern is right, he may need help.


What Baba Joe said. 21 hours since his post, which has an ambiguous tone. "It's been nice," rather than "it's nice" could just be a casual choice of words with an unintended shadow. Or given the delivery failure on a previously-good email address and no answers to calls, it could be something more...

Enough people are concerned that a wellness check makes perfect sense.

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