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I miss my Easton Electro…


Anybody got one for sale? I had to part with mine to pay rent awhile back and I really want another.


there was one on ebay not long ago. did you see that one ?


Haven't seen one in awhile. I got mine on eBay for $400. Sold it for $650. I made a profit, but I still regret it.


I sold one to member "Matt" some time back.

I had put gold toaster-top Filtertrons in it.


I have a black Elliot easton duo jet model that I will be listing in the classifieds soon. 6128tbee. Let me know if you may have any interest. Thanks and good luck on your search!


I was looking for the Electromatic green sparkle one. The pro-line isn't in the budget for me, unless you want to sell it for under $600. :D


And I still have it! Not trying to sell it quite yet though... sorry


rivercityrocker, did you check into either of these sales? If so, what did you learn?


I ended up finding one on eBay last week. $560 shipped with Ibanez hard case.

Same year as my other one. Needed a small neck adjustment, but it plays great now.

The Gretschbuckers actually sound pretty good. Debating on whether to put some TV Classics in it or not.

I think the G-Buckers work for non-routed guitars as they sounded pretty good on my old Electro Diddley as well.

I tried to enter it into the database not sure if it worked or not.

Thanks for the tips y'all. Catch ya on the flip-side.


Mine also had to go a few years ago to survive. I'd like another green one, but they ARE kinda' heavy.

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