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Crate V1512 Amp? Opinions, Feedbacks?


i've been playing my 6120 for quite a few years. it plays great. the pickups were the downfall on the guitar. they were not wax potted very good and if you hit your pick on them, you'd get an annoying ticking noise. they were also very microphonic.

i decided since i had some coin in my pocket to give this girl a facelift as well as an upgrade. i got a pair of TVJ classics fairly cheap and bought a bigsby with a chet trem arm.

now she is everything in a gretsch i could want. i even had a few custom trusrod covers made for my modded gretsches.


i found it tough to keep the gold "gold looking" without tarnishing. especially down here in humid florida.

i find out that if i use some clear nail polish on the knobs and switch caps, and everywhere i come into contact with, it keeps the gold nice. plus you dont see the clear polish at all.

i've used clear nail polish since i first bought gold trimmed guitars and all still look brand new, including my 1963 white gibson les paul custom.


Nice looking guitar Jaysmith. The nailpolish is a great trick to keep the gold, but you do have to watch it on the parts that you use alot and make sure to reapply every 6 mos or so depending on how often you play it. Also, make sure it doesn't get on the finish of the guitar (the acetone can royally f-up some finishes). You have a Ggreat guitar and ya gotta love the tiger headstock.


yeah, i have a couple spots that i keep a fresh amount of nail polish on because my fingers would wear the gold quickly. seems to work wonders. i tend to rest my fingers on the bridge pickup to stablize my hand while pickin'. if i didn't cover that spot, i'd go thru the gold finish in a week.

i was looking at my pics....its really hard to take a picture of the gold trim on a guitar. always looks nasty. these pics dont do the guitar justice


Nice, but it's pointed the wrong way


no, its pointing the "right" way for me


The lefty version looks really cool!


Thats a beautiful Gguitar you have js.


As curious as ever I must ask what it is that you have tucked between the strings next to your Bigsby?

I am always interested in trix of the trade and wonder if this is a new one for me?


It's a foam pad to get rid of the "wolf tones" that you can sometimes hear between the bridge and the Bigsby.


"Wolf tones." Tell me about that.


They are that high pitched ringing between the tailpiece and the bridge.


the only wolf tones I know are these


my white falcon ll doesnt need the foam on the strings. same bridge and bigsby, but no ringing (wolf tones). dont know why one guitar does it and another doesn't.

the foam doesnt effect the sustain, so i use it.


speaking of my white falcon ll


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Very nice guits Jay!

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