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Elliot, Congrats On The Cars’ Rock-N-Roll HOF Nomination!


Congrats, Elliot. This is way overdue. I've had the first album on 8-track, cassette, CD, and most recently vinyl.


Rather, who would be your choice?


The extraordinarily talented folks who hang out on this forum have amazed me over the years. It's an honor to post in the same forum with many of the regulars on this site.

Congrats, Elliot. I hope you continue to be a part of the GDP. Keep making your brand of music that inspires others to play just a bit better!


Rather, who would be your choice?

– Deed Eddy

Good question.


Good question.

– Elliot Easton

They usually pick a younger artist that you've had an impact on, or influenced. That's been my observation, anyway. For instance, Little Steven inducted The Rascals, Bono inducted Bob Marley, etc.


Yes, this has been a long time coming.


Rather, who would be your choice?

– Deed Eddy

Your boyfriend.


Congrats, Elliot!


Riding shotgun in my best buddy's dad's '68 Ford Country Sedan.

The Cars first record is in the Blaupunkt cassette player....side one over....what happens?

The tape ejects and lands somewhere on the floor.

My buddy, Joe, the driver, does not miss a beat, and bends down to the floor to retrieve the tape...whilst driving!

Not remembering to apply pressure to the brake, the rest of us in the car watch in horror as he gently rolls into the car in front of us, sending all of our seatbelt-less asses lunging forward.

We do a quick "Is everybody OK?" check, when Joe's head pops up, a smile as wide as grand canyon, holding your tape!

Pops it back into the Blaupunkt, and starts bopping to side two!


Good story, Crow. My Craig car cassette player had auto reverse. I was a safer bopper to "The Cars".


Funny stuff! I'm so proud to be part of a generation's coming of age. It's slightly surreal for me!


Funny stuff! I'm so proud to be part of a generation's coming of age. It's slightly surreal for me!

– Elliot Easton

I'm sure it has to be, being part of so many people's lives that you don't even know you've touched. Kinda cool though, no?


There wasn't anybody I grew up with who didn't like The Cars...

My girlfriend's brother "alerted" us while he was studying up in Boston that "this band" was coming...

Good for you, Elliott!

(Weird side note...while in Manhattan we shared the same, in-home, dog groomer as with Ric and Paulina, if I believe as much...she was pretty nutty...that is my only other Cars connection. Ha!)

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