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Elliot, Congrats On The Cars’ Rock-N-Roll HOF Nomination!


I don't know how you feel about such accolades or even about the Rock-N-Roll HOF in general , but a hearty congratulations to you nevertheless!


Congratulations indeed!


I still think this should have happened years ago...but regardless...very large Congrats!


Huge happenings. So very cool. Congratulations.


Congrats, definitely more deserving than some of the ones already inducted. First album when I was a freshman in high school, Heartbeat City in late college, pretty much the soundtrack of my formative life.


The Cars carried me through some troubled times in high school. Very glad to hear this news. Good on ya, Elliot!


Yep, many hearty congratulations to you, Elliot, and to your bandmates. So many great songs by The Cars that were the partial soundtracks to various parts of our lives. Let's hope the nominated are also the accepted.


This is great! Congratulations, Elliot.


Thanks everybody! I really appreciate all the good wishes! I'd be lying if I didn't say it's very exciting!


Hey- late to this, but congrats, nonetheless!!


Late congrats here as well!


Have over a thousand records and hundreds of CDs...not one by The Cars.

However, they should be in the R&R Hall Of Fame just for the bridge in "Bye Bye Love" alone. You know the part that goes "it's an orangey sky...always it's some other guy." All these years later it still takes my breath away. The song just drops out from under us. A different direction, a wonderful new feel to the song. Cool effect. Pure magic. One of my most favorite moments in all of music.

Congrats and hope the band gets in. And hope "Bye Bye Love" is performed. Knock everyone out again with that magnificent bridge.


Congrats! Candy O was the greatest thing I ever snuck home from the city Library and never returned. I would listen by headphones when my parents were home on my own stereo and then crank it on the folks Pioneer system when they were gone to work! :)


YES! A huge congrats on the nomination. The music that rocked me through my high school years! So cool! Spiritwalker, you need to get out more. (winky)


Congratulations, Elliot!

I have this R&R Hall of Fame in my head, and The Cars have been in it for a long time already. Nice to see that the one in Cleveland may catch up!



I was ten years into my career by then and it helped me feel like I was not too old to rock, as they were my age. So I'm pleased as punch about this nomination and will look forward to the HOF 2016 show on HBO!


I still say the in between fills and solo in Best Friend's Girfriend .. serious sparkle tone ... is where it's at and we still want to know what the gear setup was for that sound. And of course congrats on recent events.


Way, WAY too cool. Congratulations Elliot, to you and your buddies.

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