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Some Johnny Burnette recording questions


I've been listening to the Complete Coral Recordings of Johnny Burnette and the Rock & Roll Trio, and I was hoping maybe some people could shed some light on a couple questions. Note: Does not contain the question discussed ad nauseam: "Who played lead on "The Train Kept a-Rollin'?"

1) On the track "Blues Stay Away From Me", did they really overdub the vocals, or did one of the band members (perhaps Dorsey) sound almost identical to Johnny?

2) On the track "I Just Found Out", and, incidentally, "Blues Stay Away From Me", it sounds like there's 2 guitars (especially noticeable during the solo). Who was playing the second guitar, assuming Burlison was on lead?


Johnny and Dorsey had the same voice quality, definitely.


I don't know any history of recording, so I'm not sure when overdubbing began, but my best guess was that it was Johnny & Dorsey. There used to be a site that had info on most of the Coral recordings, but I can't find it.


here you go jack stacey…first page of sessions details


johnny & dorsey on i just found out & blues stay away...

grady martin 1st guitar on blues stay away & i just found out…pb second guitar



Awesome neatone, THAT was the site I was looking for!


I never understood the group billing. There are three guys, one being Johnny Burnette. Hence, you'd think it would be Johnny Burnette and The Rock and Roll Duo, no?

I'd like to add that Dorsey Burnette was the most gentle, funny, kind, soulful man, a great Dad, wonderful friend, and coolest neighbor you would ever want to know. We were blessed to have him in our lives, and we miss him.


Most of the really good lead parts didn't come from Paul Burlinson. Grady Martin play most of them. Look at this video (the only one live) from the rock 'n' roll trio. I'm not impressed by the quality of Burlinson playing.


Oh yeah, all the classics came from Martin. "Lonesome Train", "Sweet Love on my Mind", "Train Kept a-Rollin", "Lonesome Tears"...all done by Grady. But Burlison did record on two of m favorites "Lonesome Train", and "Tear it Up".

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