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  • I imagine that most of my lefty amigos are familiar with Jerry's Lefty Guitars. Happy to report that the Collings SoCo Deluxe that's been up on his inventory for a while now lives at my house! Merry early Christmas to me!

And what a guitar she is!



-- spleen138

Yes, you're just a bragging liar until we have proof!


Congrats! Sound report and pix required.


Congratulations. Love Jerry's but I've never been there. Dd you get to play before buying or did you take a chance?


I love Collings guitars. I've had a few friends that worked there. They all loved it. I love to support local business, but Collings is out of my price range these days! some day it'll happen.


@LeftyJ, I did not get a chance to play it, or any other Collings before deciding to go for it. But after reading nothing but glorious reviews I figured it was worth what seemed to be minimum risk of disappointment. And it was indeed more than worth it. Really a stunning guitar to look at. Used it at a gig only once so far, and loved every minute of it. More Gibson than Gretsch. Very comfy neck that starts out on the slim side and chunks out nicely as you move on up. And that's a feel that works for me. Great tone, great sustain. The tone controls are tapered really well, none of the "either on or off" that I find on many other guitars. At this price, one would expect impeccable build quality, and Collings delivers it in spades. More gigs this weekend, can't wait!

If I could figure out how to get a picture here, using an IPad, I would.


Well, if you can't post a photo, then bring 'er here! :-)


Collings builds one of the classiest looking guitars out there, IMHO


I have a Collings mandolin and it is easily one of the best built stringed instruments I own. And it plays pretty nice too :) Congrats on your new guitar!

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