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Cars lyrics question for Elliot


Elliot, Congrats on your HOF induction. If you have a moment: In the Cars song Drive, what is it that Ben Orr is singing right after: “You can’t go on, thinking, nothing’s wrong?” Sounds a little like “What now.” What ever Ben is singing, it is less prominent than the rest of the words. I can’t find it anywhere. We cover that song and I’d like to get that part correct.

Thank you,



I think it’s “but bye”


You might have more luck if you contact him through his email or through Facebook. He seems to be much more active there than here on the GDP.


He doesn't hang here like BZ. If the EE section stays, whatever, but still it's a dead zone.


In all fairness to Elliot, he does drop in intermittently and, when he does, he typically hangs around for a week or ten days at a time. But, then he is gone, often for upwards of a year or so.


Yes, I know that Elliot comes and goes. I hope he answers when he checks in. Could be “But bye.” Hard to hear.


Zig, why wait for him to come around? Send him an email.


Bob, do you mean via PM or some other e-mail address?


PM. That will get you his email address. I very well may have it and, if I can find a moment to do so, will look for it and try to get it to you. But, in the meantime, try sending him a PM.

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