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bought 3 guitars instead of 1


i was looking at getting a really nice acoustic/electric. top of the line taylor or martin. needless to say, there is no place to give one a test drive. i was looking at a jumbo body taylor 615 or 815, then i started researching about any 800 or 900 series. at nearly 4000 for a nice taylor, i then started looking at the nice Takamines. i really like the cool tube preamp and was able to try one at my local guitar center. they wanted 1600 for a TAN16CLH plus tax. after trying it and liking it, i bought online the TAN16CLH and decided to get a EC132CLH also. i got a decent deal on both. Then with my extra money a grabbed a new Green Country Club to round out my Gretsch collection. all 3 are fine guitars and i got all 3 for the price of a nice taylor.




now i have a big brother for my EE duojet


Way to go lefty!

I'm surprised that Takamine would put their logo upside-down like that ...


Good stuff.

Taylors are toys anyway.


dont know why they stuck the logo upsidedown. must be a lefty thing at the factory.

i'm really happy with the tan16. i used it on a few recordings last week. really sounded nice.

i still have my FP360S tak that i've basicly wore out playing. it needs a fret job and the fretboard releveled. i've replaced the preamp also. still plays great, but i really wanted a new acoustic/electric with cutaway.

my country club is one fine machine. it makes my 7th gretsch. all are great guitars with their own independent sound.


i think i've filled all the holes in my gretsch collection.


Oh yeah! That was a really good deal, jaysmith!!! Guitars look awesome and I have heard nothing, but good about that Cool Tube. Have to go and test it someday...


I like your green jet! 3 white guitars.. You must be a happy guy :grin:


Very, very nice. I really enjoy your playing Jay.


"If I were a Rich Man"...:grin:


I'm pretty sure I hate you Jaysmith! But seriously, you have a good eye for guitar flesh. Superb collection! I had no idea Gretsch even made that many lefty models. Where do you live and when are you not home... hmmmm???? :twisted:


Very cool!

I agree with Rocky, where abouts do you live?....:grin:


way down south with a big dog and an alarm system:grin:

my collection comes and goes in waves. a few years back, i sold everything but a tele and an acoustic to pay for a home. it is starting to get back to its original amount i use to have.

i love my EE jet. it is the lightest weight guitar i own. maybe 5 lbs. plays great and i really like the stop tail piece for when i drop D tune. i'll take 5 of these over a nice les paul

jaysmith said: i'll take 5 of these over a nice les paul

Hmmm - I'm also struggling with the Les Paul. Actually I have been wondering why Gibson trademark "is a legend"? All the Gibson guitars I have/had - is not so good that FMIC guitars. And I really mean this. Playability and sound are way better in in my Gretsch and Fender guitars that I have planned to trade my last Gibson to G6122-1962.


I know what you guys are talking about with the Les Paul's. Not that I want to start a dig session here, but a few weeks ago my lead singer asked me to set up a few guitars for him. One was a 70's Les Paul. Very nice by Gibson standards I suppose, but after having my Japanese Gretsch for a while I find myself starting to really notice poor workmanship more. There were glue globs coming out of the fret markers and everything. Yikes.


I had a 73-74 deluxe les paul that i bought new back then. i used it when i first got it, but always went back to my 66' es335. then when i bought a telecaster, i knew my gibson love affair was over.

it wasnt till 2001 that i got my first taste a gretsch heaven.

my first gretsch was a 6120-60 with Sperzels and a bar bridge and TV Jones pickups installed. SUPER NICE guitar.

i sold it to frequent flyer. i'm pretty sure he still has it.

then there was a tenn rose 6119 that i bought at a pawn shop for 1100 and it looked brand new. played fantastic and actually sold it to a local lefty that i jam with from time to time. he still lets me play it, so i dont feel like i sold that one. i still see it from time to time.

but i can say, i've had 4 les pauls and 2 sg's and all had something that kept me from using them. i wasnt going to start modding them to make them work for me. they just dont do it for me, so i know not to get another.

oh yeah....and they weigh a ton:grin:


You are one lucky guy jaysmith! Good score.

jaysmith said: i've had 4 les pauls and 2 sg's...

It's good to hear that there is someone else who sold Gibsons away. Somehow Gibson just don't fit my glove. I don't know why... but I know that Gibson don't sound my ear as good as Gretsch or Fender. It took about ten years to see this. Oh, those wasted years... well, we have to learn from the mistakes. Don't we?


back when i had my 73-74 deluxe, i didnt like the dark sound of the pickups. it didnt dawn on me that i could've put some p-90s in there and that would've made a big difference. i was only 13 back then and didnt know about mods or pickups. live and learn


speaking of MY old les paul deluxe.... here it is on ebay. the one that bought it off me is selling it.

my old les paul

i like how he said it has been in the closet for 12 years. i sold it to him in 1999. and the kahler was installed from gibson...my local music store installed it.

it does play great, but the pickups sounded drab. first thing it needs is a pair of p-90s


Seriously looking at the G6136T-LTV to purchase unless someone wants to talk me out of it. Where is production of the Gretsch's actually taking place today, USA?


aldon, I can't talk you out - but I can talk you in. :grin: White Falcon LTV is the best guitar I have (and I have ever played). LTV is made in Japan.



Great Looking Gretsch's. As well as you play, you are well deserved of such a line up. That's why I only have 2.

But I be working on it.

The Country Club and the Falcon - Top of the line. And I know what you mean about the Elliott Easton. That was the first Gretsch I went after. I fell in love with it and shopped till I found a good deal and ordered one on line, but it came with a huge gouge in the front courtesy of the folks in the Brown trucks.

I never could find another with a Happy Price, so I ended up with my 6120n, which is one of my favs.

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