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Any New Lefties Coming From Gretsch ??


I heard rumors of a Triple Billy-Bo and a 12 string Billy Zoom model! Joel, can you confirm the existence of these models?


Hi. Any news for Lefty bamboo Country Club ?


I asked Joe Carducci about that this weekend, and he didn't have the answer (the project is in other hands right now), but promised to get back to me on it.

Keep fingers on both hands crossed!



Joe tells me the lefty Dyna Clubs will come (and we may get both color combos!), but they're having to wait their turn. Long-term patience will be rewarded!

And he assured me there'll be a new model for lefties ere long, too.

I had three left-handed players (counting myself)onstage at the Balto-DC Roundup on Sunday, so I'm pushing this noodle as hard as I can.



In his interview on 6-String Bliss, Joe lets it be known that a production Eddie Cochran signature model will be available in January, including a left-handed version.

So, fellow portsiders, that's something formidable to look forward to.



Thats a model I will be happy to use. Paul, will they be made in Japan I hope ? A USA so called custom shop will be way out of reach for me. A LTV model would be the way to go don't you agree ? Hope everyone had a great 4th of the 7th month.


Yes, SC,

It appears that the US Custom Shop Eddie Cochran Tribute model was the gateway to a Terada-built production model, taking the now-discontinued 6120-1957 model the rest of the way to being the EC signature guitar.

I'm stoked.

Still want my yellow Country Club, though!


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