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1984 Rickenbacker 360/12 Left-Handed on CraigsList


I noticed that there is a 1984 Rickenbacker 360/12 for sale on Craigslist in the San Francisco area. At $3500, he may be a bit optimistic on the price, but I am unfamiliar with the used market for left-handed guitars. So, maybe he is closer than I would have thought.

1984 Rickenbacker 360/12 Left Handed Guitar For Sale


I may be off base here,but it looks to me like the fingerboard belongs on a right handed instrument by the way the inlays are positioned.I'm not positive though.I think rick would reverse the inlays for their LH instruments.And the "R" tailpiece is from a RH.


Hey Ric-thanks for info.I didn't feel like digging out my old Rick catalog to double check my failing memory.But now the Truss Rod cover on the guitar in the video has me intrigued.Shouldn't it have a downward swoop like the one listed on CL?Maybe its a custom made TRC?


Rickenbacker didn't reverse the truss rod cover swoop until the late '80's, I believe.

They only recently reversed the shark-fin inlays, but they've built very few lefties since '07, so there's scant evidence of that improvement.

AND, the R-tailpiece is forever upside down to us lefties. And a piece of junk regardless of hand orientation. There's a company that makes aftermarket trapeze tailpieces for Rickenbackers, including proper left-handed ones. They're a godsend.



There is no excuse for not doing it right. Backwards inlays, backward headstocks, truss covers, no excuse for what they ask for there guitars. The upside down fingerboard inlays just kill it for me along with all the other mistakes. I'm not impressed with any newer Rick anyways. I remember sending back two custom made lefty Rick's made in the 90's that covered all the in correct things mentioned that were said would be addressed in my spec's of the custom order, pretty much anything lefty is a custom order for Rick. Pretty sorry to say the least. There still doing it wrong. Every once in a while one will come through correct, but only one. No excuse for it.

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