Who knows about installing High Sensitive Filtertrons in a G5120?


I just installed HS Filtertrons in my 5120. Adjustable too. Not too difficult with a couple modifications. Huge difference in the sound, at least to my ears. Sorry I waited so long.


Suprdave. Sorry for the delay in the pics. Tried to put them on, but not taking? If you have an e-mail, I can send them direct to you. I will keep trying the photos. Thank you.


Suprdave - it did come through. Minor modifications to openings, just so the Filtertron it in. TV Jones surrounds, VERY carefully drilled for the adjustment screws.


The adapter is 1/4" plexi. Non metallic so it does not interfere withe the pickup at all. Adjustment screws are 4/40 size and the plexi is tapped for the threads. Springs are from Stratocaster parts I had lying around. Took a couple tries, but I really like the sound without having to adjust the poles. You still can, but this make it easier w/o having to buy TV Jones pickups at twice the price.


I did it once and used some adapters made by Ripley. I sold the guitar to a young friend who was graduating high school at the time for $300 which is what I paid for it. Ironically he wanted me to reinstall the Gretschbuckers back in it because when he first played it and fell in love with it part of the reason was the Gretschbucker tone. I actually liked the Gretschbuckers for what they were, especially in the bridge position.


Very nice! I had to switch to the Filtertron to get the right sound. I still have those Gretschbuckers if anyone is looking.


Pretty much what I've been making. Unfortunately I sent all my material to a guy to cut it all for me (would make about 1200 sets of these) and I haven't heard from him in a few months.

Not too hard to make. You have to get the right kind of plastic though, or the threads rip out really easy. I'm working on redesigning them to work for the new 3 height adjuster bezels too. Pic is from the first run I did by hand. I wound up getting them laser cut since I had a buddy willing to do it, and I lost access to the shop I was using in the beginning.

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