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Nickel parts” on the current line?


Curious - On the current Professional Gretsch line, do any models actually have "nickel parts" - PU covers, tuners etc.?


Yes. The Setzer SSLVO and SSLFM and the Vintage Select '59 6120. There may be others, but those are the ones I know of. It seems that they use nickel on some of the vintage-inspired 6120s because it sort of hints at the warm look of worn gold. Not as brash as fresh gold, but not as bright as chrome.


I think the 6119 T I have has nickel, looks good with the dark cherry red finish, I like the low statement on it compared to my 6120 DSV with gold and the nickel Bigsby which looks great.


My 2016 silver jet has nickel dynasonics and nickel melita bridge

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