Which gretsch?


Alright, pro jet or 5420? I'm a rhythm player mostly. Like to use 10 - 52. Play mostly contemporary rock, country...which one should I get? Help!


Ah decisions, decisions. The 5420s get a lot of love on the forum, as do the pro jets. My guess would be you can't go wrong either way. Better yet, buy one of each! :)


Welcome up, Michael. You'll do well with either. Do you feel like you want a hollow body or solid/chambered? I use Both with Gbuckers and black top filtertrons. Works for me for clean or dirty as well.


I'll have to add that the 5420 has the blacktop filtertrons and those are great pickups. So I amend to the 5420 for my vote. Whatever you decide on you'll have to post pictures. We're suckers for porn. ;-)


Well I am having trouble, usually I play acoustic much more than electric so the hollow body feels more at home. But there is a small part of me that really loves the look of the jet. They both sound great. And there will be many pictures haha


Welcome Michael and you can't go wrong if you choose to buy a Gretsch!


I have a 5120 and a Duo Jet. They're not exactly the same guitars as you're choices but they are in the ballpark. I prefer the Jet and I am also mainly a rhythm player. The Jet delivers the clearest and smoothest midrange of any guitar I've ever played or heard and midrange is where a guitar is supposed to sit in the mix. There is a certain signature upper midrange warm honk that a Jet produces that a bigger hollowbody will not give you. It cuts through the mix with style. The hollowbodies sound amazing too but for me Jets are the most versatile and best sounding electric guitars made by any manufacturer.

Still, I'm sure you will be happy with either choice. They are both great guitars.


I'd get the 5420 and swap out the bridge. You'll be an aspen green rhythm machine.

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