well it’s that time…


My Projet goes to the shop on Monday. A proper set up, which it is yet to have, a camel bone nut to replace the synthetic whatever that is, a repair to the broken tang on the volume pot that makes the knob turn weirdly, basically a new proper taper pot, some of those Little copper sleeves on all the pot shafts to make those maddeningly wobbly knobs turn straight and a treble bleed mod...

My guy is reasonable, loves Gretsches of all kinds and says he can't wait to get his hands on it....He's done two of my guitars now, one a very intricate maple neck refret and refinish on a strat and a simple strat setup and bone nut...did I say he was reasonable???.. can't wait to get it playing even better.


Sounds like a nice small project to improve things for you. Glad to hear another plastic nut going in the garbage.


A good set up goes a long way and makes a big difference, as I'm sure you already know. Hope he turns it quickly for you.


Me too. As you know, finding a good and reputable luthier is a lot harder than just walking in and buying a guitar. Finding one that will do as you say instead of doing what they like on a guitar is also kind of hard. I found this guy in Hawaii Kai and he has a great reputation and I can see why.

It's the one reason I've done so very little to my guitars in Hawaii. I couldn't find a guy that was honest and skilled enough.


Well, it's back. Everything is in proper order and that new nut is beautiful.. It's not just a plain bone white, it has brown, a bit of gold, and an almost black streak in it, very interesting. I'll see if I can get some pics up of it. It plays much better, I don't think he lowered the action as I don't like low action for the most part, but he tweeked it a bit and it is better. 150 bucks including a brand new volume pot with a better taper to it and my knobs are straight!!!


sounds like you've got a pretty good guy doing your luthier work for you, Jay. and all for $150 ? that's not a bad price at all.


Yeah, he does very good work for an honest price. Most of his customers are long term, have multiple guitars that get done over time, and he's a Gretsch guy too!! My last strat got a bone nut and a set up. 135 dollars total. I almost feel like tipping the shop or buying them Pizza or something.

BR Fretshop Hawaii Kai. That is if you're ever here with a git and need some work...

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