TV Jones in a 5120 — No more drilling holes?


Hello All:

Somewhere I heard that TV Jones has modified his pickup mounts so that drilling holes in the top of the 5120's is no longer necessary. Is this true? His website is not 100% clear on the issue (at least that I could find). Online help chat with his website indicated that it was true, but then I got concerned that they thought I had a 54XX rather than a 5120.

Question #2: For those of you that have upgraded your pickups in the 5120, did you replace the harness and if so, how was the improvement in the sound -- noticeable or negligible?




Replacing the harness won't improve sound, only function. Scratchy pots that keep going out, switches that don't work are all reasons to replace a harness.


I swapped out pickup mounts on a 5420 and the new TV Jones rings fit absolutely perfect with no new screws to be drilled. I upgraded the wiring harness and noticed a bit more clarity due to the tighter tolerance pots, and the taper was much better than stock. I have since sold the guitar, but I have the wiring harness available for a good deal if you are interested. Good Luck!

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