Tuning Issues on a G5122


Guys, I just replaced the Bixby with a regular G-Branded tailpiece. I suspected the Bixby was causing my tuning probs (Touch it - out of tune)

Now I note that when I bend my HIGH E the LOW E goes several cents sharp.

I have a professionally installed Bone nut and the original adjustable bridge.

Any ideas? Thanks from Ohio


A pic of my bridge area if this helps


It was not likely the Bigsby. Tuning problems are usually a nut in need of addressing. Either the slots too narrow for the string gauge or not angled correctly or both.


Bigsbys can needs some tweaking sometimes but the bridge or nut more likely. I don't know about new Gretsch but the old ones I had just don't like really light gauge strings.


I have a Bono Red Electromatic that pretty much sat around and watched me play the vintage Gretsch guitars for a couple years. I tried everything too. Addressed the nut, truss rod, tried nut oil, powder ect. nothing seemed to help (I too don't dig light strings, so 11-50). Sat in a climate/humidity controlled area barely being touched. Suddenly it started to stay in tune. I now love it! It got a nice upgrade with pickups, plastic and a Bigsby, due to the new found love.

What changed? I don't know. My theory is that the rock hard maple neck has finally relaxed and become a resonant part of the action.....???? That's all I can think of. Give it time, and put the Bigsby back on, for crying out loud!


I had the same problem on my 58 6120 years ago, turned out all it was- was the tuners needed just a tiny turn on the screw for the knobs to solid them up a little. Never had the problem again.


Just checked several of my other guitars, seem NONE of them are designed that way anymore??


Give it time. I love mine now!


Go back to the guy that installed the new nut. Tell him your problem and see what he thinks.

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