Tunignt he Baritone Electromatic


Could use some advice, please. Just bought a new Electromatic Baritone (aftder 50 years without playing) just as 2 of "the guys" moved on. Being seniors, this happens often enough. Anyways, I can see tuning B down to to A, or up to C, but can I tune up to E without putting a strain on the guitar with those thick strings? Or should I play as a regular bass by tuning the F# string up to G and ignoring the low B? This would give me strings 5 to 1 as E A D G B. Am I thinking straignt here?


Didn't it come from the factory as E to E? Mine did. E to E is preferred for that scale, but A to A is acceptable. Move the Bigsby closer to the end of the guitar to get the strings to clear the bridge base. This instrument is a Bass Guitar. Baritone Guitar is an alternate tuning.


I had understood that your guitar was a baritone. I had recommended a B to b tuning because it is easier to transpose on the fly since it is a fourth below the standard tuning (a fifth above the standard tuning).


I think he's asking whether he can tune 'up' to E as he mentioned concerns about putting a strain in the neck. Should he do that o wise ones?


I think he's asking whether he can tune 'up' to E as he mentioned concerns about putting a strain in the neck. Should he do that o wise ones? -- Vince Ray

If the question is that the OP acquired a baritone guitar, but now wants to raise the pitch to a standard E tuning, I would think that would not be a good idea. The longer scale length of the guitar already means that it is a higher tension than a guitar. Then, you want to increase that tension enough to raise the pitch by a fifth. That seems like the strings would likely break, or perhaps even some damage caused to the guitar.

Baritone guitars are typically tuned in an A to a, B to b, or C to c tuning with the same intervals between strings as found on a regular guitar. I have heard of some tuning the guitar down to an E pitch, but that would require changing the gauge of strings or they would just flop about on the fretboard.

I keep mine in a B to b tuning, as I noted above. However, I have heard others express satisfaction with either the A to a or C to c tuning, as well.


My Electromatic came off the store wall with B to B tuning. Thanks to Vince Ray for clarifying my question for me, and also to Ric12string for the comprehensive answer. I think that's precisely what I need to know. I did try tuning the strings down to E but they did indeed flop around way too much, as I suspected they would given that it's such a big drop. If playing the 5th to 1st strings EADGB doesn't work well enough for the crowd I run with (more like a leaning-forward shuffle ), I'll consider different guage strings. Thanks to everyone for taking the time for the feedback! This place is pretty cool.


Why not play all six strings in a B tuning? Granted, you can't look at the hands of anyone whom you are playing with, but, as long as you know the key you are in, you don't need to look at their hands anyway.


Yeah, I was messin' around. I had a Danelectro that I managed to force a real fat E string onto so I could use a standard bass tuning. It never quite sounded right though and as Ric says, A or B tuning works best. Sounds better that way too.


There is a bit of confusion about the G5265 because it originally came as a 6 string bass (E to E), as Billy Zoom pointed out. Mine came also as a bass, and the scale is closer to a short scale bass than a baritone. But at some point, the specification changed and the newer ones come with different strings and are tuned as baritone (B to B). So you must make sure to use the correct strings for any given tuning. That being said, I would not attempt to tune a G5265 like a normal guitar with any set of strings, there would be too much tension for either or both the strings and the guitar. Also, Billy Zoom suggestion about moving the Bigsby is quite appropriate.


Thanks all y'all. I appreciate your time. As ric12strings says, I should maybe just not watch other's's's hands and play my own notes. at the end of the day, we're all half-blind or half-deaf anyways. But like my daddy used to say, "Do it right the first...and every succeeding time."

And"Get off your brother, he can't breathe." but that's for a different venue.

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