Vintage Gretsch Guitars

New Vintage Gretsch Banjo day.


I picked up this old Gretsch BANNER Blue banjo today. I don't play banjo but will give it a try. I bought it as an addition to my other Gretsch items basically for display. Needs a bit of cleaning up, tightening of the head and new strings. Other than that it is pretty decent.


These are interesting little models. I've documented a few of them. Best I can determine they were offered from'46ish to '48ish. The highest serial number I've found is #738.

Please check for the serial number on yours. It will be stamped into the dowel rod that spans the rim, visible from the back.


That looks great!


Number is 487 on mine. Also it looks like he paid extra for the Paramount tailpiece which from the catalog was an option.


Yep... I had that one in my records already. Enjoy your new toy!

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