Tuner bushings getting loose? (5120)


I recently noticed that three bushings of the tuners on my 5120 appear to be 'popping out'. It's especially noticeable on the D-string. I'm not sure how long the guitar has had the problem, I don't really pay attention to the headstock that much. It might be a new issue, it might have been there for a few years.

Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it? I really care about this guitar and don't want any lasting damage so I thought I'd ask here. Couldn't find anything online. Thanks!


That is odd. I would try to push them back down myself and then keep an eye on them for the next few months. Are you having tuning issues?


Hey Dave, I've tried to push them back (strings on) but they seem to be in their spot pretty snug. Tuning is excellent, I've never had any issues with this guitar.


If there aren't any issues, I wouldn't worry about it. It looks like they may have came that way from the factory and maybe you're just now noticing. If They bother you, take the tuners out and get a Teflon tipped hammer and tap them down with the head laying flat on a flat surface with a towel under it. Myself, I'd leave it be.


You might be right that they've been like that since it came out of the factory. I'll check some old pics if I can see anything on those. Thanks for the reply, will probably leave it like it is.


That's an easy fix...no worries.

Happens on about every guitar with push in, press fit bushings at some point...that one is true and perpendicular.

Let me find the link you need, it is in a thread I put on last year...

Next string change two of my herd have the same need.


I think I spent $.97 on the parts at the Hardware store...


Thank you for the video. I will try this as soon as I'll put new strings on it. Looks easy enough in the video!


I had to redo an entire Headstock with larger diameter bushings...


Just reseating one is simple.

I used a Nylon washer top and bottom along with a steel washer...just to protect the surfaces and concentrate the force.


Just a side note, but how is the humidity level where you keep the guitar? Might be worth checking if you find the bushings are somewhat loose.


That bolt idea is a way better idea than mine, but go figure. I'm not a luthier.


Very common and VERY simple. I would never bother to take the tuners out. Next string change, put a socket over the post that has the same OD as the bushing and give it a few gentle taps with a light hammer. If it continues to happen, it can cock and hog out the hole. Then you can take the tuner out, push the bushing out from the back with a rod or dowel the same OD as the hole, and put the bushing back in with a bit of wood glue. Easy peasy.

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