This is my guitar. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


Apologies to any US marines out there. I haven’t picked this up for about two maybe three months. Me and my tutor have been focused on my acoustic. For a change of pace I broke this out. What struck was after 2 or 3 months sitting in its case still in tune. Very very minor tweak on the high e. So much fun (easier) to play. Playing a full size dread makes me appreciate this Soooo much. Would I ever trade it in....no. Would I recommend it...absolutely. Does it give me that warm fuzzy feeling definitely.


What's not to like?

I love it when I pick up a guitar that I own, after a period of neglect ,and the memories come swelling in. Play something pretty on her, will ya?


Yep it's a goodun! I love the color, I have a couple of wine red electric guitars, and I'm partial to that color.


Really liked the one i played in my local,same colour,lovely geet.

They brought 2 in ,the other one was gold and sold as soon as it was hung on the wall apparently !


I liked all demo's I've seen and heard of these guitars. Gonna put some pennies aside for one. I haven't decided on a color yet, that cherry is gorgeous but it look so badass in jade grey. All these colors look like they could have been on an old Triumph or Norton.

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