The hairpin mod


Hello fellow Gretsch-players,

I've noticed an interesting and really cheap way to mod a Gretsch using a broken metal hairpin:

Just thread it under/over each string between the bridge and the Bigsby (see picture).

Doing that on my guitars I get more volume and definition tonewise. Also some more sustain and string-seperation. There is also the possibility to slide the hairpin back or forth thereby tweeking the sound of the guitar. With the hairpin closer to the bridge I get more focus, definition and volume, while closer to the Bigsby brings more overtones and reverb-like qualities.

Don´t know the exact mechanism for this though. Maybe the hairpin reflects the incoming vibrations back to the bridge in some way and less vibrationl energy gets lost in "wolf-tones"?

It would be interesting to know if someone else get anything like this from putting hairpins behind the bridge?



Well now, that is interesting.


I do believe, sir, that you have just invented the patent (Over)Tone Twister.


i think it's that compared to a bar bridge or Melita, the tunomatic allows more sympathetic vibrations to travel back and forth across that small area of saddle and muck with your tone. that doesn't look like a very stiff break angle over the saddle, either, and that could also screw with your tone and sustain. i could be totally wrong, but for awhile there was a vogue around here of using little rubber o-rings between the strings south of the bridge to mute the resonance, but i never tried it myself because the bar bridge i put on my Pro Jet does a good enough job of killing those vibrations. jazz guys in the 50s/60s sometimes used to use thin strips of foam rubber for this purpose as well; those little 175-size archtops are already over-resonant as hell when played at a reasonable volume.


Welcome to the GDP, that's a nifty little inventification you have there! It's a cheap, simple, and easily reversible modification! I wonder why it hasn't been capitalized on yet, and sold in a bubble pack for $10 each? The Gretsch Stringimajigger!


I'm actually a fan of Wolftones so all of mine are neked. Just curious what the difference in sound is with this adaptation.


"Wolf Tones" would be a great band name.


Junk science.


"Wolf Tones" would be a great band name.

– macphisto

It's been done before... Slight spelling alteration.



I love the little tones you get from behind the bridge. It gives a sound that when plucked or strummed there is interesting and different. But to each as they say.

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