Some video footage with my modded G5235W Pro Jet


Hey everyone-

A while back I shared some fun mods I had done on my white G5235W Pro Jet (courtesy of Joel @ Shanghai and Paul Setzer)... I just recently played in a short music video with my wife for a new song of hers and thought I'd share some "live" shots of the guitar this time (and give a little promo plug for my wife! :) Now, this isn't the typical Gretsch tones and playing you may be expecting - she just asked me to layer some ambient swells behind what she was doing on the keys. Normally I probably would have used a different guitar for the job, but since there was going to be a video shoot, I needed to pull something out that would sparkle for the camera! ;) Anyway, enjoy! Hope you like what you hear...




Guitar looks nice, but I can't really hear it that well, in the mix. Congrats on a beautiful Gretsch.


Very sweet. Your wife has a great voice. Nice ambient tones. Very classy stuff. Suhweet ProJet. :P


That was beautiful!

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