Says “Gretsch 6120 recent Orange”…


But what is it really? Some kind of Electromatic, I cant make out the label in the photo. Is it a modded 5120? Looks nice with Dearmonds on it. Not $1850 nice, but nice.


Electromatic on the headstock, 5120 with modded pickups and may be a new pickguard.


Anyone out there mod a 5420 with Dearmonds?


Bryan, where did you get those slightly oversized Dynasonics spacers covering the old pickup holes? On my modded, Dyna-quipped 5120 the holes need covering.


Bob, I got my spacers from Paul Setzer.


Bob - here is a close up of the spacers.


Yep, modded G5120, looks like modern DeArmond 2000s, and a refinished stock pickguard. Price is way outta line, obviously.


Thanks Tom. I’ll bug him after the holidays.


Bob - Just a thought. Don't know if Your 5120 Gretschbucker hole pattern is same as 5420 Blacktop hole pattern. I'll bet Paul probably knows.


Paul has been in on this for a few months. He sent me the slightly bigger but not big enough spacers that are on there. He gets busy. We’ll revisit.


I sent him an email yesterday; no changes to the description though.


Bob - Just a thought. Don't know if Your 5120 Gretschbucker hole pattern is same as 5420 Blacktop hole pattern. I'll bet Paul probably knows.

– Twom

The hole pattern of 5120 vs 5420 is NOT identical. But, as you see in my pic, I installed 5420 Blacktops in my 5120 and the pickup surrounds of the 5420 barely covered the original 5120 holes. This allowed me to fill & re-drill new holes with no visible evidence of the rework.

As an added note, I did have to cut away a little bit of the 5120 pickup openings to allow the pickup height adjustment to work without interference. I was very happy with the results both cosmetically and the improved sound of the Blacktops was worth it.!

btw.... the mod is fully reversible if I chose to reinstall the original GretschBuckers!


Oooops! Forgot to attach the picture of my modded 5120 for you to see....


And, in spite of the "Made in: United States" description, a look at the headstock confirms it's made in Korea. Korean made is not a bad thing in itself, but still ...


The listing has since been updated with the proper model number and a far more reasonable price. Mention is made of an "original case", but it's not shown in photos. Did 5120s come with a case?


Not by default, but a buyer may well have gotten one - whether as "part of the deal" or at additional cost - when he got the guitar new. Which means you'll have to clarify what sort of case (hardshell, foamcore, cardboard, gig bag, etc).

That's a perfectly fair price now, especially with case (assuming it's a good one). If you're inclined, jump on it. You might even offer him less, if you do it respectfully. You never know.


I sent him a message last week telling him what he actually has there. I bet I’m not the only one. Glad he got the message.


I'm pretty sure 5120's didn't come with a case. I bought my 5120 in '09 at GC with no mention of an "original" or "included" case.

However, I did buy a TKL Gretsch-branded case from MF for this 5120. ( I believe that's where I got it, anyway..)

edit: Found the link for the case. Yes, it was MF. But wow - these cases have really gone up in price since I bought mine..


Perfect case for the 5120, though. But this one was only about 90 bucks at the time..


Great price now, considering those DeArmonds!

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