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trolling the lo-end


Went out to an unknown store picked up some lo-end amps -

A little 70s solid stage Ampeg, G-18 that works ok; and a few electrocution (aka widowmaker) specials (the 50C5/35W4 scene) a Silvertone/Dano no-trem guitar case amp, Harmony (has same Jensen 8 that was in black panel Champs), and a Gregory w/ trem. All these just hummmmmmmm....not sure who made Gregory, but they lasted into the 70s

and trashed Bassman 10 that's only good for restoring the chassis and non original speakers. grill cloth baffle was broken 5 ways... toast. saved the logo, tho

Assuming that still Pix 4 Toast or else you could see this dogmeat.


I've heard that those Dano case amps are nice amps if you run it into a decent speaker and cab.


A mighty 2.5 watts thru a 6" speaker-- the trem model is coolest but this one isn't that version.


My favorite cheap amp is the Behringer GM110


These are affectionately known as "death amps" at my house. My favorites were the Magnatone 107 Starlets. Tried installing an isolation transformer inside the cabinet, but it killed the tone. Now I just use a standalone iso tranny.


I don 't know what got into me getting these even tho they were just $30 each.

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