RHH Guitar Strap


Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I just watched a rig rundown for Jim Heath and it looks like he's using a classic style guitar strap. Anyone know what it is and where I can find one? All the classic Gretchen ones I can find locally are cheap and kind of junky.



Thanks! I was thinking it was a Gretsch strap, but the ones I saw weren't very good quality. Maybe a knock off.


Certainly not as high quality as something like El Dorado. They can feel a little plastic, and those little jewels are just glued on. But there's a huge price difference.


OMG It looks like all the belts I had to wear in my "husky" size Wranglers in early grade school!

OHHHHHHHMMMMM .... must find a balance in the universe.....Link


They are very pretty to look at, but I fear all that metal close to my finish. I know you can be careful and not sling it around, but it would be a worry to me. I do have a non Gretsch "vintage" style strap with silver buckles and a silver tail piece on the adjustment strap, but it's done my gits dirt and I personally won't use it again on any of them, if anything, these look even more blinged up and ready...


Taken apart, they're great for dressing up amp cabinets.

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