PSA G5622T Sale


Adorama (through Slickdeals) is blowing out G5622Ts on Cyber Monday for $449. NOS Korean made I believe.

If you are not familiar with them, I have purchased from Adorama and can attest they are a good company.


Try putting it in your cart. It should have a header of cyber monday sale.

If that does not work, go through slickdeals.net. Find entertainment, then music, then musical instruments, it is there. You are still dealing with Adorama but through Slickdeals.


Only the Georgia Green, Orange and Black are on sale. I should have been more specific...


I bit on the green one. Thanks!


I was notttt going to buy a Gretsch buttttttt at $449 with No tax and Free shipping I felt why nottttt. They were on sale for $499 on Black Friday but on Cyber Monday they were $449,Feel they will not go any lower? Went to the Adorama website they were back at $799-$899 but I had the Orange in my shopping cart for $449 and felt these are the LAST of the South Korea guitars and why not get one. Adorama took my info a few mins ago and now the wait.I am sure many can still buy this guitar at $449 if they look at Slickdeals or other websites. I have many TOP on the line Gibsons ES guitars that I have not got too(ES335,ES335,ES137 and a ES330 with Bigsby} But the Gretsch will be my only guitar without a case soooo I will get used more then the 40 that are in cases lol.....JT


After reading this post, I wrestled a week over this deal; whether or not to buy another guitar. Finally, I decided half price was too good of a bargain to pass up.

My Vintage Orange G5622T arrived in excellent condition an hour ago, just 2 days after I placed my order.

Thanks Iceman for the heads up on this deal.


I am getting mine tomorrow in Orange. Adorama only has Green left sooooo best to buy one now.....JT

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