project alert… act fast!


Looks like a good deal for someone -- thanks for posting.


Looks like it got dropped on it's tail piece/strap button.


Non-working.. wonder what's wrong. They don't say a thing about it.

The cracks around the tailpiece don't look to be fatal and the rest of it sees pretty clean. It's beyond my skill, but looks fairly repairable for someone with the right tools.


Looks like it's gone. Curt, did you pick it up? Thanks for the PSA, Ed !


I did, I think it’s a good deal, we’ll see.


Way to go Curt, that's gotta be a good deal.


I did, I think it’s a good deal, we’ll see.

– Curt Wilson

Congrats Curt! This project is going to be interesting to follow. Great head's up Ed!


Nice... so glad Curt snagged it! Being a blue Gretsch it was really hard not to pull the trigger myself. But since I've recently put together a project just like this, I felt I needed to pass. I'm loving mine... go to it Curt!


No surgery required, it's fine the way it is! Sounds and plays fantastic (stays in tune too)!


Very nice! Had a feeling it wasn't much more'n cosmetic. Glad it went to a good home!

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