Pro Jet with P90’s


I have actually had this almost 2 weeks now but have been so busy that I haven't posted, and barely played it.

My group of happy hour buddies were sitting around discussing GAS and one mentioned that a handful of his guitars were on the way out to make room for a DC LPjr. He said one was a cheap Gretsch Jet and I told him I would take it sight unseen, because... beers and impulse buy pricing.

Next day he showed up with this

It happened to be just what I wanted. Thumbnail markers, barebones controls and oddly enough P90s. It was filthy. Covered in sweat, beer and who knows what else. He warned me that it wouldn't hold a tune.

I stripped it down, bathed it thoroughly and the neck pickup fell out. Turns out double sided foam tape isn't the best method to secure pickups. One tuner was bent, the nut was super tight on the A and D strings. I had a new set of GFS Kluson style tuners in the tool box so they went on, I filed the nut to shape and dressed the frets

and while working out how to mount the pickups properly I decided to upgrade the bridge with a T90 I had in my stash.

Some 1/4" Micarta was machined into adapters.

And that is as far as I have gotten. Plays nice, heavier than I am used to. Have only been able to plug it in for 2 minutes and not into my main amp so I am not even sure how it sounds yet.

EDIT: Aww man I ruined it even more than photobucket did


Cool wee geet,congrats!


Pro Jets are the best mod platforms!


I'm in ! Mine has Lollar pups, open back grovers, tru arc, and now a B7...

And I forgot, a homemade guard (and matching truss cover) because I don't like perloid pick guards


Like it. I'm a fan of these earlier type Pro Jets. Mine now has a TV Jones Filtertron (soapbar size) at the bridge and a Bare Knuckle soapbar P90 at the neck. Paul Setzer made a silver pickguard. Works great for me.


I went with the Duo Jet look. I love modding my Electromatics.


That looks like a fun guitar!


I just grafted part of a pencil into the neck pocket to give the pup screw something to bite into. I have gold top double jet with T90's in it,and a black projet with the soapbar mount T'armonds as well. But haven't messed with replacing pickguards yet.


I like it, I especially like what you did with the Micarta, I'd never seen that before....I always learn stuff here


As my nephew would say, that's completely badass.


and dig right righteous Epi bass in one of the pix.


dont put a pick guard on it!


I'm glad this thread (or a predecessor) popped up again. I have a Pro Jet from 2007 and it needs a stack of upgrades, that I've never got around too. But this gives me some great ideas.


Buy a new guitar and modify it.


and dig right righteous Epi bass in one of the pix.

– DCBirdMan

That was a sort of foolish project, but fun. Poor stage crashed husk of a bass. Technically the G&L and Harmony H22 basses are my wifes so I wanted one for myself

From found in a junk shop for $15

 photo 20150916_183010_zpsvxx18uix.jpg

To this

 photo 20160612_203032_zpst5wwqw2l.jpg

The neck is a club and the mini humbuckers are a bit bright, but it looks cool and is fun. I am a sucker for a project.


I can't see a lot of these pics because photobucket says I NEED to upgrade my free account to a paid P500 account.

Anyone else have the same issue?


I can't see any of the photos either. .....and they say that Hell's not hot!


Micarta block with screw and wiring reliefs.


Now that some time has passed (and I realized how the tone control on the spitfire I built works ) I really like this guitar. It is a bright and rude rock and roll machine. The licensed bigsby feels crappy compared to the genuine bigsbys on my other guitars. As if the arm flexes a fair amount before it starts to change pitch. Will a B3 work on these or will I need a B7?

All I want to do is play some bratty Rock 'n' Roll


A B7 would be the best choice. You can slightly shim the Bigsby to make the string angle a little less steep. There's an installation video for that exact application by the Bigsby company on YouTube.

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