pro jet and tim armstrong mod questions


so this is more of a feeler to get opinions that will most likely be quite different. I have both a pro jet and a tim armstrong sig that im looking to do some mods too.

Pro Jet- I've been toying with the idea of getting a power jet//duo jet for a while now, but i happen to live in northern MI and haven't been able to find one to play so i can't really justify getting one if i haven't played it. I have however owned my projet for about 3 years now and its one of my favorites has anyone here put the power trons in it, if so how does it sound, and even better if i could get opinions of some who have played both a pro jet and a power jet.

Tim armstrong sig- I got this guitar slightly used, about $500, not a bad deal, but the gold is a bit tarnished so im toying with the idea of replacing it all with chrome, or even black if i can find anything, i really would just like some ideas here to see what everyone thinks would look cool on flat black paint.

Thanks in advance, Cody


I think that you should stick with the gold on the TA...500 bucks is a great deal, by the way. I would consider putting a gold bigsby on it.

I don't have any comment on the powertrons, but I can tell you this....a friend of mine got a projet and I played it, I thought it was one of the most amazing guitars ever. Looked fantastic, and played so sweet....then i got a firebird jet. It's like a pro jet X 1,000,000. Fork out a bit to throw a bigsby on the TA, and get yourself a pro-line jet, and you'll have it all.


If you're thinking about changing the pickups in your Pro Jet with TV Jones I would be so tempted to put a Powertron in the bridge and a T'Armond in the neck.

Chrome would look great on a TA.


one mod leads to another mod , then to another , then to another ,then to another ,,, but its fun lol, i have a pro jet and a duo jet ,,,,,, in so many ways i like the pro jet better


i've never been a fan of gold on guitars, its what turns me away from the penguins even, although i saw the one at namm this year and it was amazing, and when i replace the TA it will be getting a bigsby. Any recommendations on what bridge to put in?

I'll have to look up the sound of t'armonds, i'm not opposed to using something different, I've also been toying with putting a shadow nanomag in the neck as well. I have the epi les paul ultra 3 with it and it sounds great on a chambered guitar. and back to the bigsby, even my main LP has one


I had my 2007 ProJet modded with a PowerTron in the neck and a PowerTron Plus in the bridge position.

Sounds great to me! Very versatile. Sounds like a cross between FilterTrons and PAFs, but closer to the Gretsch side. They dirty up great and sound great clean.

I am a big fan of this combo.

Your TA would look good with the flat black and chrome instead of gold. The all-black may look okay, but I would go chrome, personally.


I personally like the gold on the TA. As someone else mentioned, I would definitely put a gold B6 Bigsby on it.

By the way, there in the HELL did you find one for $500?! I have been looking around for them for a little while now, and the lowest I've seen is high-$700/$800 range.

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