Pickup Upgrade G5465 Baritone


Folks - does anyone have a recommendation for me regarding a pickup mod for my Baritone Jet? I have the stock (mini humbucker) pups in there now, but I find the tone too brittle. I'm looking for a big, boomy tone, like the Gibson LP bari I used to own. Does TV Jones have something I can use? Preferably a drop-fit?

All suggestions welcomed.


Not having a baritone, I have no recommendations (aside from my usual "Get a Dynasonic!") but the folks at TVJones could surely make some suggestions; once you get them on the phone they are the best.


I put a P90 in the bridge position, and it sounded a lot better. Kind of overwhelms the neck position, but who uses that anyway.

I'd bet a dynasonic of some variety would be pretty cool as well. As long as it's a single coil, it will be an improvement.


As much as I love single coils, I'd think a bari would do better with a humbucker.


I'm not sure but I think a P90 fits in the mini humbucker route.


You could stop calling it a baritone. It's a Bass Guitar.


I've played the TV Jones C-Melody Baritone and like the pickup combo they chose. TV Classic Bridge and Magna'Tron Neck. I'm not certain it will give you "Boomy" but possibly more low end than mini-humbuckers.


As much as I love single coils, I'd think a bari would do better with a humbucker.

– wabash slim

Depends on what you want to do with it. If you want a low tuned heavy metal guitar, a humbucker would be great.

If you want twang, a good clean-ish tone or a lot of definition in a band mix, go single coil. A higher output pickup with big baritone or six-string bass strings will be hard to keep clean at band volume, and will turn to mush pretty quick.


Dearmond 2000 or Dearmond 2Ks will fit the route. 2Ks are more P90ish TVjones offers many of his pickups in a Dearmond shell


Thanks folks, lots of good advice in here. It looks like I need to go down the single coil route. I will see what the folks at TVJ can offer me - but Dynas will not work on this guitar without a lot of surgery, I think.



Dynas probably won't fit because of the spring assemblies underneath but the 2000s, 2Ks and the GFS NYII will fit with little if any modification and will cost far less than Tom Jones's beauties. Of course any soapbar P90 style should fit without modification.


There are some low-output mini-humbuckers that might work too --- they tend to be considerably brighter than standard humbuckers.

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