Paul Setzer?


Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. Anyone heard from Paul Setzer lately? I traded emails with him a couple months ago about a pickguard for my 5420 and a badge for my amp but can't seem to get back in touch.

I just tried the phone number for his shop on his Facebook page but it's disconnected.


He hasn't checked in lately. I think I have 2 emails for him.


I got an email Sat., He said he would be out of the office until March. Hopefully we'll hear from him soon.


Thanks. Standing by. Hope all is well.


I emailed him tonight and got an automated response that he will not be available until around 3/6/17. Other than that I know nothing else. Here is the automatic response email I received:

"I'll be out of reach till March 6th. Please check back with me then. Thank you! Paul Setzer"


Paul sent you an email today (5-21). Please respond, Thanks.

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