Opinions on Stock Pro Jet Bigsby?


OK so, I'm considering a few options for a Pro Jet.

Both are the older Mahogany bodies. One has the Trapeze Tailpiece and the other the stock Bigsby.

Any issues with the stock Bigsby or should I go with the Trapeze, pull it and install my own Bigsby?



I recommend getting your own Bigsby. The one that comes on the Pro Jet has a tension bar that I personally hate the feel of. The only reason you might need the tension bar is if you hit the strings hard when you play. Some folks like the extra angle the tension bar affords, especially those who want to play hard without fear of knocking the strings out of their notches.


I don't have any issues with my G5235T. I don't go overboard with the wiggle stick tho. The Tru-Arc helps.


The licensed B50 on my pro jet feels noticeably different to the B11 and B6 I have on other guitars. Like the arm bends a fair bit before the notes change. Other people have mentioned this about my Pro Jet as well.

I do not know if this is because it is a B5 style with the tension bar. The arm feels thinner than the other arms I have.


A friend has a proJet and the Bigsby isn't as good as a domestic unit. Install your own; many more options available.


Thanks for the input.

So, I guess my best bet is a Pro Jet Trapeze model.

Bigsby B7 or is there something else I should look into once I acquire a Pro Jet?


Before replacing the stock Bigsby, try cutting out the tension bar altogether by routing the strings directly over it -- go straight from the Bigsby's string roller bar to the bridge saddles. The break angle at the bridge might seem rather shallow but no more than, say, on a standard Jazzmaster or Jaguar.


Thanks....I haven't purchased one yet. I'm still looking at options and prefer one with a case which seems to be the minority.


I think any tension-bar Bigsby (like the B50 on a Pro Jet) can be improved enormously with a Reverend soft spring. Makes it less clunky feeling and more responsive all round.


I will share the views of others on the Projet's stock Bigsby. It's the wrong unit for the wrong guitar. I avoid the down tension bar altogether and string over it. I can play hard, soft or in between and my strings never skip their saddles, any of them. With the bar engaged, the warble becomes almost non existent. I removed the washer, etc. and I'm fine with the action now.

To me, it's still the wrong unit for the guitar. The guitar is an archtop style guitar with a flat style bigsby installed. There are gaps everywhere, even if it is mounted solidly. It's more akin to a Tele or flat top guitar. Just me. I will add that if you decide to use the stock unit and string over the bar, you will need to get some Hard as nails sort of nail polish to put on either end of the roller so it doesn't rattle, and it will if it's not stuck down.

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