Old Junior Jet G5215 Info needed


Hey there folks, wanting to surprise my dad with some new tuning gears and a neck plate for his old G5215 Jet. Since I don't have my hands on the guitar myself, I was hoping someone here had the dimensions for a drop-in tuner upgrade, as well as for the metal plate on the body that holds the bolt-on neck. He's wanting to get a black metal plate for it if that's an option.


These are the stock replacements, which can be found in all the usual places, am only linking to this particular seller because they measured the tuners (which you can find more inexpensively elsewhere): Link.

I got these locking jobbies for my MIC Jet for just a few bucks more than the stockers would have cost; fit perfectly, work great: Link.

Never had a bolt-on Gretsch, but there's little reason to think FMIC-era examples use neckplates of any size other than standard Fender dimensions, 51mm X 64mm with hole centers that are 38mm X 51mm. If the Junior Jet's plate turns out to be different, the vendors of all these black plates accept Free Returns: Link.

Good luck!

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