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Hello everyone, I just became a member of the site yesterday. I enjoyed taking a cruise of the page,lot's of great posts. I'm coming to you now in need of facts.

My recent purchase of a 5420T, Fairlane Blue,is one of nicest guitars I own. I need to find setup specs. I have been on Grtecsh's web site, and cannot find the information I need.

I'm hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. Have a great day, Bob.


Congratulations on your Fairlane Blue Electro - a beautiful guitar. And welcome to the GDP.

What setup parameters are you looking for, specifically? Is it underperforming in some particular way you're trying to address? More details will get you more useful facts!


I'm looking for neck relief measurement, and at what fret to measure it at. Low and High string height,and pickup height. I bought my Electro as a blem, and it came with 9 strings, is this the norm? Thanks for the welcome and the help. Bob.


I don't know if they ship with 9s - they might, as Gretsch is trying to capture the easy-playin' higher-gain market. But most players think heavier strings sound much better on an archtop. 10s at least, 11s if you can manage it (or just want to experiment). There are lower-tension strings in all these gauges (look for wound strings with a thinner core wire), and in-between gauges as well (9.5-44, 10.5-48, etc).

I guess 8s would be worse than 9s...but 9s are certainly not my choice for archtops.

I think Electros ship with 10s. Relief and action (even pickup height) will be influenced by your string choice. So get that right first, and see how the guitar plays and sounds then.

Again - are you having particular issues that lead you to think any of the adjustment specs are wildly out?


Search this site for Mal Barclay's setup guide.

– Ger (aka Ratrod)

Thank you kindly sir, just what I was looking for. Have a great Holiday season.

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