Hi guys- Ever since the GC/MF FSR G5657T came out , I've really had a case of GAS. The 5657 is basically a version of the 5655 centerblock jr. with humpblocks instead of thumbnails finished in Imperial Stain. I resisted as long as I could for a couple of reasons. First like a lot of us I have too many guitars already, plus stock photos show a wide variation of the Imperial Stain finish, from a deep rich color to a blotchy light finish. Well I was looking at the Toledo GC instore inventory and noticed they had one in stock which would give me a chance to check out one in person. So after deciding to use my 5135 as a trade in I went to check it out yesterday. Well I ended making a deal. Heck, I can always use a birthday weekend as an excuse anyway, right? Here's some pics.


Hey Twom, I think you scored a winner. I do love that finish! Congratulations.


Very nice, Twom! I like the deep color of the Imperial Stain. Enjoy it, I have a 5422 Electromatic guitar (with humpblocks), so I know just how exquisite the builds are on these Electromatic guitars. The craftsmanship is outstanding. You scored a hit with this one, it's beautiful !

It's my birthday weekend too (Oct 3rd) and I got a Firebird Duo Jet. It was a gift from my wife, she's really cool and spoils me with incredible gifts.

Over the Labor Day weekend sale at Sweetwater, I bought pair of TV Jones Classic pickups and wiring harness for my 5422. I haven't put them in yet, but I think that it will be a substantial upgrade. I'll post my impressions of the new pots and pickups after I install them.


can i borrow your wife for a trip to Guitar Center? strictly platonic, i assure you.


Looks like a small body kind of thing... I like the looks of it!


Thanks for the kind words, guys! I'm digging it so far.


that is by far the nicest iteration of the Imperial finish that i've seen.


Cool guitar! Enjoy!


Great job, Twom. Enjoy the heck out of it.


Congrats Twom and may the honeymoon last long. Definitely great looking!


That is really nice looking. Congratulations!


Well Twom, are you still loving it? We need an update!


Hey, Dave, sorry it's taken so long to reply, work schedule has been crazy. First of all, still loving this axe. A couple of observations of the build: With the centerblock jr. models being jet-sized, I assumed the neck width would be the same as pro jets(1.68),and online specs seemingly confirm this, but I thought the neck on mine felt a little wider to me. So I got out the calipers, and it came out 1.71. The bigger headstock takes some getting used too, plus the headstock barely fits in a duo jet case. Also with the body depth being thinner than a pro jet , the neck set isn't as shallow. I see a tru-arc in the future. As for pickups, I might use this as an opportunity to try out some HS filtertrons, instead of going the TV route. Keep rockin' everybody.

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