NGD (thanks to Proteus)


The new (to me) guitar is the first generation, 3 pickup, G5622T. I'm still discovering it's uniquness, but it's been a joy to set up. That is still a work in progress, and one of my favorite things about buying used gear. Itt was Proteus who brought this particular model to my attention, and GC's lack of care that let me take this thing home for a song, pardon my pun. And now I discover Proteus is the guy to discuss the Tru-Arc bridges with. So, educate me, please.


Heyman, very cool! Gotta post pics, you know. We like seein'em.

How good a deal did you end up getting?

I've had brass, glass, and stainless on mine, all to slightly different effect. I might've liked brass best, but it doesn't match the hardware color, if that matters.

As the bridge is at the same position and with the same mounting posts as the pro-line Terada-made instruments, you can use either the Standard or SerpenTune series on the guitar. The Standard intonates awfully well...the SerpenTune is usually dead-on.

But we can talk more via email; I'm harmanz (at) psci dot net.

Hope you're enjoying the guitar.


You would think an electrical engineer could handle photos, but it was never in my job discription, so I have yet to learn to do that. Sorry. As far as the price is concerned, because the guitar looked to be in much worse shape than it actually was, I got it for $475. It turns out that it was probably under somebodies bed for the majority of it's life, and not in a case of any kind. It very dusty and very poorly set up. I did check for switch and pot operation and found them both quiet and operational. It looked to have the factory strings still installed. No fret wear at all. But, the neck was incredibly straight, pretty much where I like to start my set up proceedures. So, with high hopes, I made my offer , and they came down pretty quickly as I showed them my concerns. But, once home, and after an afternoon of string changes, general setup, dusting and polishing, the guitar is actually in mint condition. Once I had accomplished that, it took an hour or so to get used to the electronic actually plugged in. This was when the guitar showed itself off. Primarily due to that unique swithing scheme. Sheer genius as far as I'm concerned. The tonal versatility came to light very quickly, and one hour playing turned into three, with a lot more to come. Thanks for the heads up on this model, Proteus. And concerning the Tru-Arc bridge, is it a drop in installation on this model? If so, we may have to talk.


Pfft, if we're gonna start blaming people around here for guitar acquisitions, we're all in trouble.

EDIT: Yeah pic's are required, no excuses.


concerning the Tru-Arc bridge, is it a drop in installation on this model? If so, we may have to talk.

Drops right on, yep.


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