NGD ProJet 5220 plus mods


Bought it used but in an amazing condition from a friend for a great price. I modded it with 2 dearmond 2ks (the guild ones) which I had laying around for years. Both neck Pickups. Both read 7.5 Ohm. Heres the result. IT was a major surgery but totally worth. I made two pickup rings out of a 3ply pickguard blank too to cover up the holes. Wired it up like the Hot Rod schematic cause I dont use the other controls anyway


Route or chisel the cavities. The dearmonds are longer but equal wide. Cavities are deeeeeep. Then I mounted wood blocks on the sides to screw in the pickups and gain height. Watch out for all those wires around when doing that


Mounted without the rings. Kinda liked the look too but gaps are there. Maybe I trim the rings smaller on the side somewhere in the future.

Or anyone know where to get suitable surrounds? The ones on the Telesonic would fit. Where to get those?


Good job, CB! I sure like the new casino gold color a lot better than the old 5238 gold jets.


Good job, CB! I sure like the new casino gold color a lot better than the old 5238 gold jets.

– Twom

Thanks. Yeah Casino gold looks way more classy IMHO


Looks cool, and I bet it sounds good, too. I like those pickups in general, a bit more of a P90 vibe, perhaps, than the ones used by Gretsch, if I recall correctly.


Thanks guys. Gretsch used the Dearmond 2000s in their Special Jet line or Streamliner Historic Series Line which were great pickups. The 2Ks tend more in the P90 direction but are very similar to the 2000s.

And yes the guitar sounds very open and punchy. The pickups like to sit close to the strings. Still lots of clarity and I think the pickups also benefit from the direct Hot rod wiring. Plenty loud and clear


That's some fine work. I'm a big fan of the 2K's myself. I had a DeArmond Starfire Special and they sounded great.


Nice guitar CB, great work, enjoy!


I saw this and immediately thought "THAT is what I want!". Nice going Chiming Bell and love the mods, the look and my imagination is running wild with the tonal possibilities.

Enjoy the goodness!!!


Thanks. I'm almost tempted to try "real" Dynasonics. I believe that the long pole screws would fit too. Plenty of room and depth inside

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