NGD. Gretsch Limited Edition G5420


Delivered a few days ago. This Korean-built Limited Edition G5420 actually plays waaaay better than my 2013 Terada built G6119 Tennessee Rose yet it was less than half the price. As delivered, the action is nice and low and the intonation is perfect. The black-top Filtertrons have a nice 'snap' that is not present in the Filtertron pups fitted to my Tenny Rose and they sound all the better for it. This Limited Edition G5420 has a '50's headstock and oversize 'F' holes that make it almost 'alive' in my hands and it even sounds good played as an acoustic. The Tenny Rose sounds a bit ‘dead’ in comparison even though I changed the strings a week ago. I guess it's time to put my Tenny Rose into retirement. I give 5 Stars to the Korean manufacturer for their flawless build quality and the perfect setup!



There must be a way to get your Tennessee Rose setup to match your 5420. You should be able to play both guitars with joy.


I’m telling ya! Gretsch really knocked it out of the park with the new G54** line. Absolutely gorgeous and playable. I think the Blacktop Filter-Trons fair it well. Snap is a great description. Congrats!


Congrats on a killer looking new Electromatic. I would also recommend some set-up for your Tenny Rose before you put it in mothballs. Filtertrons are very sensitive to pole screw height.....close to the strings seems to bring out the best in them. Is your Tenny the model with the shorter 24.6" scale or the 25.5" scale? If it has the longer scale length that could contribute greatly to the different playing feel . If both guitars have the same gauge strings, the longer scale will feel a bit stiffer and tighter. The longer scale also effects tone. What gauge strings are on the guitars. The Electromatic may come stock w/ 10-46's which if the Tenny has heavier strings (and a longer scale would make an even bigger difference). That all being said, I have to say that the MIK Electromatics have some really outstanding fretwork for any price point. I have a MIK Guild X175B that has some of the best fretwork and best feeling neck of any guitar I have ever played.


Nice twangman and congratulations. I love the blacktop filters and think your guitar is maybe one of the 5 best deals out there for an electric guitar.

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