NGD 5420 vs my old 5120


I just recently bought a 5420 (Fairlane Blue), and love it. I owned a 5120 years ago, back when they first came out. The difference between the 5120 and the 5420 is amazing. Gretsch has really listened to their customers and what they wanted. The 5120 bridge buzzed, the tuners were so-so, the Gretsch-buckers were so-so, the strings would catch on the nut, and the bigsby spring - weak. The guitar overall just so much better.

Gretsch has closed the gap between the Pro line and the Electromatic line. I'm not saying the gap is closed but the Electros are much closer to the Pros now.

I am considering eventually getting some TV Jones, but I'm amazed by the Blacktops. They sound great.

Fabulous job Gretsch. Love it!! I dont know of any other guitar company that is so close and listens to their customers. Way to go Joe!!


Great review. I had a 5120 for a while and when I first played the 5420s when they came out I was also impressed with the overall quality increase. Congratulations on your new guitar!


Great to hear! And don't forget that they painted the f-holes. Now that's deep listening to customers. Do they come with cases yet?

I still have my old 5120, which was a complete impulse-buy that occurred while shopping for my nephew. I pinned the bridge, changed the tuners, changed the pickups, fixed the jack, bought a case. I keep holding onto it because (a) it seems virtually indestructible--it's embarrassing how many times I've banged it against something hard; (b) the neck is comfortable; and (c) I suspect that I'd take a bath on it if I sold it.


You're preachin' to the chior, here.

The G5420T's are awesome! Especially love the Fairlane Blue.


Gretsch is their own worst competition.


Got mine 5 days ago. Its been years since ive had a hollow. This thing with some setup has now come alive.

Im not much of a wiggler but as we all know grab some notes and wangle it and you have Gretch voice all the way.

I also got a 65? 6117. She soumds a Gretsch but i like the 5420 and this 6117 is a money pit. Shes likely to be moving on. The blue babe is a staying.

Congrats on your new family member and.... Play On

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