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50 years of Thomas Vox — February edition


Well we kicked it off last month with the Student -- the lite 50C5 2-watt job. So now we move up to the Pathfinder, with all the righteous detail right here!

Clearly this was their take on the VibroChamp which had been out for one or two years.



I still have some of those NOS speakers for sale.


Thomas Organ was on Hayvenhurst in what was Sepulveda. Now North Hills. It's the Fedex hub. Was pretty much on the corner on Roscoe Blvd and Hayvenhurst. they built Silvertone TV's on one side and Vox Amps on the otherside. Out the side you can see the flood control channel and on the other side of it is JBL! 30 years ago when I moved back to L.A. from So. Texas I worked for JBL Pro and one of the engineers told me where Vox was one evening as we're walking out the back to the huge parking lot.


North Coast Music used to have some cool reissue Vox bumper stickers. I think they still offer the reprint catalogs for both Jennings and Thomas Organ. I've spent hours in their Vox Showroom reading about all of the neat Vox gear offered. They even cover the Eko and Crucianelli-built Vox guitars. I still feel a twinge of regret for passing up that wine red Ultrasonic gitbox years ago...all of it's on-board effects and palm wah still worked!


Each month, a Thomas Vox amp will be featured by yours truly. We'll work all the way up the food chain to the Super Beatle, and then even get into some of the 1968 amps, like the Kensington Bass and Soverign Bass. '66 was the first partial year but '67 was the first full year.


I have a mint V1011. It's surprisingly tubey-sounding! I sure wish I still had the mint Cambridge Reverb I sold off at one time.


I have a mint V1011. It's surprisingly tubey-sounding! I sure wish I still had the mint Cambridge Reverb I sold off at one time.

– JBGretschGuy

You're a lucky guy JB. Cool amp!


Hey pix are back?

Some of em had the cool Bulldog sticker on them. They look like 12s. 12's would have been in Essex Bass, Viscount, Buckingham, Guardsman, Super Beatle. Berkely had 10s


The green polarity dot means they're 3.2 ohms like a Champ speaker, but much better. 8 ohm would be red, 16 ohm was yellow. I don't think speaker manufacturers use the color codes anymore...just red for positive.


Thomas put the stickers on the backs when they mounted them in the amps. They covered the screw. This is how they came from Oxford.


Never knew about color codes for impedance... I guess those gold Oxfords were just a special run they did for Thomas in 1966-69... never saw that color from them before or after. Some Celestions were in the 10" models, early on it appears

"Thomas Organ imported a 10" Celestion speaker from the UK for the earliest version of the Pacemaker V-2. These early models also had a one piece back with an oval shaped cutout behind the speaker. Later versions of the Pacemaker V-2 replaced the Celestion with a 10" "Gold Bulldog" speaker made by Oxford Speaker of Chicago IL. "


Good speakers. I had a couple of cases of them at one time. Most went into hot rodded Champs. They're very good spealers that really perk up a small amp.

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