Newbie 5410t 1st Gretsch Guitar


Hello! I picked up a white 5410t over the weekend.

I have been using in my recording this week. I love it.

I took a picture for the archive but can't find it on my phone. I have a link to a test of it in the recording if allowed.


Congrats on the new Gretsch and welcome to the forum! I missed those 5410Ts when they came out, they’re really cool. Lots of nice details.


That's a fine specimen of a Gretsch. Welcome to our addiction. Sounds great and thanks for sharing the video/song.


Welcome aboard, neighbor! A Polski and a Hoosier! Represent! We need more of us! That's a nice start to your Gretsch addiction.


Hey Vincennes, Eh? We're practically neighbors.

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