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Just purchased a '65 Tremolux. Very complete, original hardware and speakers (Utahs?). Insides were untouched, transforms dated correctly-it's used for certain, but in overall great shape.

I've not played it with many different guitars at this point, but it is magic with me Tele...


Wow - That's awesome! Nice score!


I should have mentioned that I paid through the nose. I looked long and hard, played as many as I could (along with Bassmen, Bandmasters) and this came out the winner. Hard to find these BF piggy backs with matching heads and cabs.

I just wish I kept all my old gear...


Wow that looks awesome. Original glass in there too?


Tremoluxes were an in between power, less than Bandmaster, more than Deluxe... if I recall.

I thought Fender was full on Jensen right then.. .Oxford had been before due, I read, to a 'purchasing dispute' with Jensen.

I thought Utahs came later, ike early 70s... but they just put in whatever they got the best deal on.

Still a cool piece... I think the very very first tremoluxes had 6BQ5s... super short run.

Here's a guy with a Jet having fun on stage with a what appears to be a small box white/oxblood Tremolux


I think they could be Oxford, CTS, or Jensen in 65. I have a 64 with Utahs. But they are excellent sounding speakers. Trust your ears, don't worry about the labels. (Unless you are an investor, I guess.)


Great amp! I have the 2x10 cabinet but I haven't found the amp yet....someday I'll find one that isn't to expensive.


Thanks all. It was more than I wanted to pay, but it was also one of the most original examples of that ilk that I saw. Unfortunately the tubes had been swapped. The pre-amp tubes were swapped to JJs. Really a smooth sound, especially through the 10's (a little research suggests these are Jensens). Power tubes are older E-H.

As I play it I am trying to remember if we thought these were great sounding back in the day or was it simply not as relevant due to the fact that nearly all tube amps in the '60s were PTP wired. If you take the approx. $400 price tag on one of these (in '65) and do the math the amp would be about 5 grand in today's economy. That makes Victoria stuff a positive value.


A true classic. At any price. Congrats...

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